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Hotel Front Desk Clerk Job Description: Top Duties and Requirements

A Hotel Front Desk Clerk is someone who greets guests upon their arrival to the hotel and checks them into the hotel’s reservation system. Their duties include providing excellent customer service, relaying any information about hotel amenities, and helping hotel guests find their rooms.

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Hotel Front Desk Clerk duties and responsibilities

When writing a job description for a Hotel Front Desk Clerk, it is important to specify the duties and responsibilities required to excel in the role, including:

  • Taking, cancelling, and changing room reservation requests
  • Investigating and resolving customer complaints or questions
  • Processing guest departures including calculating changes and receiving payments
  • Answering telephone calls and relaying messages
  • Maintaining an inventory of reservations, vacancies, and room assignments
  • Answering inquires about the hotel and its services through the telephone, email, or in-person
  • Handling wake-up calls and a myriad of other guest requests
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Hotel Front Desk Clerk Job Description Examples:

What does a Hotel Front Desk Clerk do?

A Hotel Front Desk Clerk is responsible for helping hotel guests with any questions or concerns they have during their stay. They are also responsible for providing information about the hotel facilities, services, and nearby points of interest. There are some administrative duties required by the position as well, which can include faxing, filing, booking reservations, and answering the phone calls and emails. A Hotel Front Desk Clerk may also perform light housekeeping and cleaning duties, depending on the size of the property. Lastly, the Hotel Front Desk Clerk deals with cash and payments, and is therefore also responsible for balance sheets, creating cash reports, and depositing cheques as required.

Hotel Front Desk Clerk skills and qualifications

A successful Hotel Front Desk Clerk needs a variety of skills and qualifications to perform the job, including: 

  • Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Good time management skills and ability to multitask
  • Excellent organizational skills and attention to detail
  • Ability to creatively solve problems
  • Maintaining a well-groomed and professional appearance
  • Flexibility to work in a fast-paced environment

Hotel Front Desk Clerk experience requirements

A successful Hotel Front Desk Clerk should have previous experience working in a hotel. Previous employment as a Bellhop, Front Desk Clerk Assistant or as part of the cleaning crew may be an asset to the position. Generally, the right applicant will have at least two years of experience, although more is often considered an advantage.

Hotel Front Desk Clerk training and education requirements

A candidate applying for the role of a Hotel Front Desk Clerk will generally hold at least a high school diploma. Some will have completed a two- or four-year college diploma program in hotel management or hospitality. Some applicants may also have obtained a trade certificate in Guest Services. Internships with a hotel or hospitality-related facility would also be an asset.

Hotel Front Desk Clerk salary expectations

According to Indeed salaries, the average salary for a Hotel Front Desk Clerk in Canada is $15.40 per hour. This can vary depending on experience, location, and company.

Job description samples for similar positions

If a Hotel Front Desk Clerk is not what you are looking for, similar job descriptions include:

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Hotel Front Desk Clerk job description FAQs

What is the difference between a Hotel Front Desk Clerk and a Hotel Manager?

A Hotel Front Desk Clerk is often the first person who guests interact with at the hotel. They are typically responsible for securing reservations. A Hotel Manager, by contrast, will often respond to escalated complaints or complicated queries. Hotel Managers are also responsible for scheduling staff members, overseeing daily tasks, and assisting VIP guests.

What qualities make a good Hotel Front Desk Clerk?

A good Hotel Front Desk Clerk will have a pleasant manner and an ability to stay calm in any environment. Hotel Front Desk Clerks also need a good knowledge of the surrounding area and ideas for activities of all kinds to suggest to guests.

What should you look for in a Hotel Front Desk Clerk resume?

When reviewing resumes for job applicants for a Hotel Front Desk Clerk position, look for applicants who have previous experience in a similar-sized hotel. A successful Hotel Front Desk Clerk candidate could also have previous customer service experience in another industry. Look for an applicant who has prior experience working with a Central Reservation System (CRS).

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