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Director of Sales Job Description: Top Duties and Requirements

A Director of Sales, or a Sales Director, is a professional responsible for ensuring that a company achieves sales targets. Their duties include developing revenue goals and sales targets, training new employees, and giving sales reports to management and staff.

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Director of Sales duties and responsibilities

Aside from their oversight roles, the duties and responsibilities of a Director of Sales can vary from one company to another. General duties may include:

  • Developing and communicating revenue targets to management, and individual sales goals to the sales team
  • Giving detailed presentations on proposals and analyzing their effects upon implementation
  • Creating good rapport with customers to develop and maintain trustworthiness
  • Motivating and inspiring employees to meet sales targets that match the company’s goals
  • Training and orienting new hires
  • Establishing daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly targets to act as a guideline that enables measurement of individual and group performance
  • Developing and implementing strategic plans for actualizing sales targets
  • Providing regular detailed sales reports
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Director Of Sales Job Description Examples:

What does a Director of Sales do?

A Director of Sales ensures all departments, including the sales and customer service units, function as expected to achieve the company’s sales target. They develop strategic plans and initiate actions that can increase the company’s revenue. Additionally, the Director of Sales studies market trends and advises top management on necessary action plans.

Director of Sales skills and qualifications

A Director of Sales candidate will have a wide variety of expertise. They possess excellent negotiation skills as they interact with new clients while maintaining a healthy relationship with current ones. Additionally, they will have strong analytical thinking skills that enable them to study the market and decide on strategies to promote new products and services offered. Some other essential qualifications may include: 

  • Superb verbal and written communication skills
  • Ability to set attainable goals for sales employees, and following up to ensure these are achieved
  • High commitment to regularly monitoring sales based on company-imposed regulations and goals
  • Ability to lead their team, solving any arising problems, and motivating and inspiring team members

Director of Sales experience requirements

To be a Director of Sales, a candidate should generally have five to seven years of experience working in a sales environment. They should have a good understanding of trends in the industry and the dynamic nature of the market. Some of these experiences are gained at work, and some are achieved through co-op or internship programs. Proven excellence in the method of selling and launching products or services would be considered as a highly valuable asset.

Director of Sales education and training requirements

A Director of Sales candidate generally must have a bachelor’s degree in business administration, marketing, economics, statistics or another related discipline. In some cases, it may be preferred for a candidate to have a master’s degree in business administration as well.

Director of Sales salary expectations

According to Indeed salaries, the average salary for a Director of Sales in Canada is $100,526 per year. This is not fixed, and typically varies depending on the organization’s pay rates, physical location, and the level of experience.

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Director of Sales job description FAQs

What qualities make a good Director of Sales?

A good Director of Sales should be able to work under pressure in a fast-paced environment while still delivering satisfactory results. Look for candidates with the dedication and the passion for encouraging and motivating employees. Their confidence will be an essential selling point in the office setting and sales field. Additionally, they should be able to analyze the market and make a calculated move according to data.

What should an employer look for in a Director of Sales resume?

The Director of Sales candidate should demonstrate that they possess excellent interpersonal skills, can solve problems, and are a critical thinker. Look for exemplary leadership traits in a good candidate. Lastly, a Director of Sales applicant should have a proven ability to collaborate with others.

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