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Bar Manager Job Description: Top Duties and Requirements

A Bar Manager, or an Assistant Bar Manager, organizes and controls the bar area at a nightclub, restaurant, hotel, or special event to attract customers and increase profits. Their duties include hiring and training other staff members, creating employee schedules, and ensuring customers have a fun, relaxing experience.

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Bar Manager duties and responsibilities

Bar Managers help staff members quickly finish tasks so their establishments can serve more customers. They help ensure customers are pleased, while engaging them in conversations and encouraging them to make additional purchases. Duties and responsibilities in a Bar Manager job description may include:

  • Collecting payments from customers
  • Operating cash registers and writing or printing bills for customers
  • Cleaning the bar and the space around it
  • Keeping health, safety, and liquor licenses current and ensuring that employees comply with them
  • Monitoring the inventory and ordering new supplies and ingredients when needed
  • Analyzing costs and sales statistics to create a budget and decide which cocktails and menu items to promote
  • Negotiating with vendors
  • Evaluating employee performance and giving feedback when needed
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Bar Manager Job Description Examples:

What does a Bar Manager do?

A Bar Manager oversees a bar’s staff as well as the operations of a bar. They are essential for companies that want to serve delicious cocktails and run successful establishments. Bar Managers often deal with customer complaints, employee coordination, and proper local liquor and foodservice handling regulations. Bar Managers are in charge of looking after the cleaning of the premises, of food and drink preparation, of following the company budget, and any other tasks that subordinates do not have time to complete. Some Bar Managers also plan and create promotional campaigns on social media to attract customers.

Bar Manager skills and qualifications

Successful Bar Managers are friendly, polite, and professional. They can interact with many different people, resolve conflicts, and encourage customers to have fun. Bar Managers may need to stand for long periods of time and help with physical work like moving boxes. Some bars and restaurants require uniforms or specific dress codes. Top skills and qualifications for Bar Managers include:

  • Excellent customer service skills
  • Written and verbal communication skills
  • Basic math and accounting skills
  • An understanding of food safety and the ways that viruses and bacteria can spread
  • Knowledge of mixology, and how to make traditional cocktails and create new ones
  • Familiarity with provincial or territorial liquor laws

Bar Manager experience requirements

Bar Manager jobs usually require at least a year of experience working at a bar or a restaurant. Some positions may require some management experience as well.

Bar Manager education and training requirements

Most Bar Manager jobs require a secondary school diploma. Some look for applicants with an associate’s degree in food and beverage service management or hospitality. Others prefer someone who has completed a bartending course or bartending school. In some areas, Bar Managers must be certified to serve food and alcohol. On-the-job training is usually required as well.

Bar Manager salary expectations

According to Indeed Salaries, the average salary for a Bar Manager is $17.98 per hour. Individual pay levels vary depending on education, experience, the type of establishment, and the location.

Job description samples for similar positions

If a Bar Manager isn’t exactly what your company is looking for, some similar job description samples include:

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Bar Manager job description FAQs

How is a Bar Manager different from an Assistant Manager?

Bar Managers supervise the employees who work at the bar and keep it running smoothly. Assistant Managers help coordinate and control the entire restaurant. Some assistant managers work at retail stores as well. In many establishments, Assistant Managers supervise Bar Managers, while in others, the same person handles the duties of both jobs. Bar Managers usually work in the evening and at night, and Assistant Managers work most often during the day.

Who does a Bar Manager report to and work with?

A Bar Manager usually reports to a Manager, Assistant Manager, or Shift Supervisor. Bar Managers working in establishments that focus on serving drinks may report directly to a District Manager. They don’t get in-person supervision from other managers, and they make most decisions on their own. In smaller businesses, they sometimes report to the owner or own the bar themselves. Bar Managers also work with Servers, Cooks, Hosts or Hostesses, Bartenders, and Barbacks. They often train new employees.

Job Description Examples

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