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Office Manager Job Description: Top Duties and Qualifications

An Office Manager, or Administrative Officer, is responsible for promoting a positive office culture and maintaining the overall flow of an office. Their main duties include organizing, booking meetings and conferences, and ordering office supplies.

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What does an Office Manager do?

An Office Manager helps an office run efficiently through a range of administrative, financial, and managerial tasks. There is a distinction between an Office Manager versus an Office Administrator. In general, Office Managers focus more on organizational processes. They keep offices running efficiently by providing employees with resources, tools, and company-wide initiatives that boost overall employee morale. Office Administrators focus on technical processes. Office Managers recommend and implement technology solutions that improve operational effectiveness.

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Office Manager Job Description Examples:

Office Manager duties and responsibilities

Office Managers work to keep an office organized by supporting the needs of the entire office staff. This typically means that they have to plan and execute a wide range of duties related to the hiring process, internal company events, and day-to-day office life. By doing this, they can create a fun and efficient workplace for employees. Office Managers should be expected to:

  • Place monthly orders for food, snacks, and office supplies
  • Maintain efficiency within the office by establishing the best policies, standards, and procedures for their company or department
  • Train and successfully onboard new hires
  • Organize company-wide, corporate and internal meetings, parties, and events

Office Manager skills and qualifications

An Office Manager has a variety of skills which may include a combination of education, previous job experience, certifications, technical skills, soft skills, and personality traits. Some examples of skills and qualifications include:

  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office suites and other office technology
  • Experience with scheduling, budgeting, and payroll
  • Comfortable working in a fast-paced environment
  • Strategic planning and business development skills
  • Experience planning events for internal staff and vendors

Office Manager experience requirements

Most Office manager positions require a minimum of three to five years of previous administrative management or clerical experience because the role requires a person who is extremely detail-oriented and able to multitask. Depending on the role or complexity of the organization, some positions may require up to 10 years of experience. Certifications in project management, bookkeeping, and event planning also provide relevant experience to succeed in an office manager position.

Office Manager training and education requirements

An Office Manager needs to have extensive knowledge of clerical practices and procedures and business management principles. Most candidates complete a university degree in administration, business, or accounting. Many of the generic skills learned in college will provide the skills necessary to succeed as an Office Manager.

Office Manager salary expectations

According to Indeed Salaries, the average rate is $22.90 per hour for an Office Manager. This may be dependent on experience, location, and company.

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Office Manager job description FAQs

What are the qualities of a good Office Manager?

Good Office Managers help foster a positive office culture for the company. An Office Manager should be detail-oriented, flexible, a great communicator, creative, and optimistic.

What do you look for on an Office Manager resume?

An Office Manager is a person who is organized and has the ability to coordinate office administration and procedures in order to ensure organizational effectiveness and efficiency within a company. They are responsible for developing intra-office communications, streamlining administrative procedures, ordering inventory and supplies, and delegating tasks to administrative staff.

In general, they have experience in handling a wide range of administrative tasks. They should also be well organized, flexible, and able to handle all the administrative challenges of supporting an office of diverse people and personalities.

What are some personality traits of an Office Manager?

In general, an Office Manager’s main role is to create (or foster) a positive environment to make employees happy to come to work. Some personality traits Office Managers should possess include being detailed oriented, flexible, positive, completely accessible, and adaptable.

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