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Web Designer Job Description: Top Duties and Requirements

A Web Designer, or Website Designer, is responsible for creating a fully functional website for a client or organization. Their duties include creating appealing website designs, customizing the webpage as per the client’s specifications, and uploading the website onto a server.

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Web Designer duties and responsibilities

A Web Designer creates and codes websites and web pages for various clients. Some of their primary duties and responsibilities include:

  • Creating a website design based on the client’s preferences of colour, font, and style, among others
  • Making the site fully functional through coding
  • Designing the tabs, pages, controls, and buttons for the website
  • Creating mock-ups of the site and test pages to demonstrate the function of the website to the client
  • Identifying and fixing functionality issues
  • Making backup files of the website
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Web Designer Job Description Examples:

What does a Web Designer do?

A Web Designer creates and designs the layout of a website or web pages for a client or company based on the client’s specifications and their product or services. They design the pages, put in the menus and tools required by the client, and ensure that the website is responsive and attractive, with clear navigation, and proper internal and external linking. The goal is to create an attractive and functional website that contains all the information the client wants to include.

Web Designer skills and qualifications

A Web Designer needs to have the technical knowledge to create a website. A Web Designer’s skills and qualifications could include:

  • Comprehensive knowledge and experience with HTML and CSS
  • Experience with using design software such as Photoshop and InDesign
  • Experience using WordPress
  • Ability to design and understand design ideas and concepts
  • Familiarity with creating user-friendly and easy-to-navigate web pages
  • Ability to create webpages that are optimized for all devices

Web Designer experience requirements

Web Designers typically have at least two years experience building websites. They have prior experience working with HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, or PHP as per the requirements of the position. They also have a range of skills and capability to work with diverse concepts, themes and designs. Candidates with extensive designing, coding and navigational skills have the ability to fulfill different client requirements and also create websites that are responsive and optimized. Web Designers who have a portfolio of successful websites may be generally preferred.

Web Designer education and training requirements

Any applicant interested in the role of a Web Designer should have a bachelor’s degree or a degree in computer science, graphic design, or a related field. They should ideally have knowledge of content marketing, as well as proficiency with ASP.net web forms. Additional knowledge of Photoshop and Illustrator, and WordPress standards and functionality would all be important assets. Working knowledge of HTML and CSS is also important for a well-trained and experienced Web Designer.  

Web Designer salary expectations

According to Indeed Salaries, the average salary for a Web Designer in Canada is $23.37 per hour. This may be dependent on experience, location, type of client and complexity of the website, among other factors.

Job description samples for similar positions

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Web Designer job description FAQs

What qualities make a good Web Designer?

One of the strongest qualities of a good Web Designer is that they are familiar with the latest technology and trends in website design and development. They are able to create interactive webpages that are optimized for all devices and that are easy to navigate. Web Designers create pages that are user-friendly, and follow after the preferences set by the client or the overall design requirements of the company. In addition, a Web Designer is an effective communicator as they often have to deal with different projects, clients with different needs and expectations, as well as different departments.

What are the key responsibilities of a Web Designer?

A Web Designer is primarily responsible for designing and coding websites and webpages. They ensure the layout and function of the website is as per the specifications of the project and that the final product is visually appealing, user-friendly, and easy to navigate. Timelines are also important when it comes to web design projects, therefore a Web Designer is responsible for ensuring they meet deadlines and they also finish their project within the specified budget.

What makes a good Web Designer job description?

A good job description for a Web Designer will clearly specify the type of website that is required, including the primary product, service or message that will be communicated through the website. The job description will also clearly specify the coding language that is required and any other relevant experience or certifications that the candidate must have.

Job Description Examples

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