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Retail Associate Job Description: Top Duties and Requirements

A Retail Associate, or Retail Sales Associate, provides excellent service to customers within a retail environment. Primary responsibilities of a Retail Associate include helping customers with any questions or concerns they have while in the store, replenishing stock on the floor, and processing payments at the cash register.

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Retail Associate duties and responsibilities

When writing a job description for a Retail Associate, it is essential to specify the duties and responsibilities required to excel in the role. Some of these duties and responsibilities may include: 

  • Serving customers by developing rapport, building customer confidence, providing accurate information, and helping with product selection
  • Demonstrating knowledge of products and inventory to ensure customer satisfaction
  • Maintaining a clean and orderly workspace or retail floor
  • Performing all required cash register transactions efficiently and accurately
  • Contributing to store profitability by receiving, handling, replenishing, and processing incoming product flow
  • Providing excellent customer service by responding to customer questions or issues regarding product features and benefits
  • Resolving customer complaints
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Retail Associate Job Description Examples:

What does a Retail Associate do?

A Retail Associate is responsible for communicating with and assisting store customers. The main objective of the role is to sell products. Retail Associates are required to provide excellent customer service by maintaining a positive attitude and helping customers when needed. Retail Associates help customers with product selection, so they must be familiar with the details of the products their store offers. Lastly, the Retail Associate processes transactions or returns for the customer.

Retail Associate skills and qualifications

A successful Retail Associate needs various prerequisite skills and qualifications required for the duties performed in this job, including: 

  • Working as an individual contributor and as part of a team
  • Exceptional attention to detail
  • Strong oral and written communication skills
  • Ability to maintain a positive attitude
  • Excellent customer service skills
  • Good organizational skills
  • Ability to perform basic math when required

Retail Associate experience requirements

Retail Associates can start working without previous experience. Look for candidates with strong communication skills and enthusiasm for the products and the customers your business serves. You may seek candidates who are already familiar with the company or industry. Retail Associates learn product or service details on-the-job and can shadow more experienced employees to improve their knowledge of the role. Some candidates apply to work as a Retail Associate for their first job, so look for relevant soft skills if applicants don’t yet have work experience.

Retail Associate training and education

Look for a candidate who has received, or is working towards, a high school diploma or GED. Retail Associates often work part-time while pursuing higher education as well. For specialty or high-end goods, like technology, candidates who have completed vocational training or industry-specific courses are likely to succeed.

Retail Associate salary expectations

According to Indeed Salaries, the average salary for a Retail Associate in Canada is $15.58 per hour. Pay varies depending on a candidate’s previous experience, store location, and company that is hiring.

Job descriptions for similar roles

If a Retail Associate job description is not what you are looking for, other related descriptions include: 

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Retail Associate job description FAQs

What should you look for in a Retail Associate's resume?

When reviewing resumes for a Retail Associate, it is best to look for an applicant with previous experience in the same industry. It’s helpful to look for an applicant who has previous customer service experience as well. Another significant thing to look for is the hobbies that could show their skills, especially team or group-oriented ones.

What makes a good Retail Associate job description?

A good job description for a Retail Associate will include the type of shifts the job applicant will be expected to work, especially if they include evenings and weekends. A good job description may also include the kind of product they will be expected to sell or more information about the company. Be sure to also list the required skills and qualifications.

What is the difference between a Retail Associate and a Retail Store Manager?

A Retail Associate often works on the floor helping customers as they enter the store. They also help to process cash transactions. A Retail Store Manager is responsible for scheduling shifts for Retail Associates. Additionally, a Retail Store Manager is usually responsible for opening and closing the store.

How do you make your Retail Associate job description stand out?

The products a Retail Associate will sell is extremely important to list when searching for the right candidates. Provide details about the types of products, brands, and styles your business offers, and describe the average customer. To make a Retail Associate job description stand out, be sure to include the position’s salary or pay range. If the role has additional benefits such as a company discount or employee sale days, be sure to include those to attract more candidates.

Job Description Examples

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