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Front End Developer Job Description: Top Duties and Requirements

A Front End Developer is a professional who uses JavaScript, CSS, or HTML to convert data to a graphical interface, thereby creating web applications and sites that render on the client-side. They work closely with Back End Web Developers to create software that users view and interact with, and perform various duties, including fixing bugs on sites, maintaining software workflow management, and implementing design for mobile sites.

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Front End Developer duties and responsibilities

A Front End Developer is generally mandated to work closely with project management, design, and development teams to make a fashionable, usable and interactive interface for multiple devices. Duties and responsibilities generally include:

  • Designing new features while managing older ones
  • Monitoring application performance, overseeing traffic drops related to usability, and preparing for other relevant issues that may arise
  • Creating prototypes and mockups, managing brand quality consistency, and designing high-quality graphic images
  • Working together with Back End Developers to improve usability
  • Developing the standards of codes and libraries such that they are easily traceable in future
  • Creating user-friendly web pages by using markup languages, such as HTML
  • Maximizing the application pace by optimizing the scalability of applications
  • Being up to date with current trends and emerging technologies
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Front End Developer Job Description Examples:

What does a Front End Developer do?

A Front End Developer creates codes used in the display of a website UI as well as the elements that users require to conveniently access the site. They typically follow the roadmap and layout set up for app or site development to build and maintain interactive components. They play a vital role, as the user depends entirely on them. Additionally, a Front End Developer translates Designers’ wireframes into user interfaces by creating images, links, and pages that are accurate, effective, and efficient to provide pace for the user to perform a given task.

Front End Developer skills and qualifications

Given their scope of work, Front End Developers need to be proficient in HTML5 and CSS3. They should also be an expert in Typescript and JavaScript frameworks such as Angular 2+ and Query. Additionally, a successful Front End Developer must bear a set of prerequisite skills and qualifications to enable them to perform their duties effectively, including:

  • Knowledge of configuration management as well as practical client-side building
  • Excellent knowledge of code versioning tools, such as Mercurial, SVN, and Git
  • Ability to use essential graphical tools, such as Photoshop and GIMP, to make changes to visuals
  • Excellent knowledge of cross-browser compatibility
  • Good understanding of partial page updates, AJAX, and asynchronous request handling
  • Knowledge of SEO principles leading to application adherence
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills, interpersonal skills, and problem-solving skills
  • Ability to work independently and with members of a dedicated team

Front End Developer experience requirements

A Front End Developer applicant generally requires a minimum of three to five years work experience. It would help if they were conversant with graphic design application, adaptive and responsive design, markup languages, and JavaScript. Generally, a Front End Developer should be capable of producing high-quality software that perfectly matches the current trends and patterns in the industry.

Front End Developer education and training requirements

An entry-level Front End Developer candidate generally requires a bachelor’s degree in computer science or another related field. They should be proficient in coding languages such as jQuery, JavaScript, CSS, and HTML. Candidates seeking advanced positions must typically possess a master’s degree in a relevant field and certifications such as a Microsoft developer certification or an Adobe Certified Expert certification. It is also common to engage new hires in on-the-job training.

Front End Developer salary expectations

According to Indeed Salaries, the average salary for a Front End Developer in Canada is $84,225 per year. This varies depending on factors including employee experience, company, and location.

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Front End Developer job description FAQs

What makes a good Front End Developer job description?

A good Front End Developer job description should outline the specific responsibilities, such as the implementation of visual elements, that Front End Developers are expected to do. It should be thoughtful and detailed with the primary functions of the employee, including the optimization of applications for maximum speed, maintenance and improvement of website, and the use of markup language, such as HTML, to create user-friendly web pages. Lastly, a good Front End Developer job description should enable applicants to determine if they are a good fit for the open position. It should be tailored to the specific requirements of the company, but should be devoid of company jargon.

What qualities should an employer look for in a Front End Developer candidate?

When hiring, look for a Front End Developer candidate with key related personality traits, such as being investigative. This implies that candidates should be inquisitive, introspective, and intellectual. They should also be logical, analytical, rational, methodical, and curious.

Job Description Examples

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