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Business Analyst Job Description: Top Duties and Requirements

A Business Analyst, or Business Consultant, is responsible for devising plans and strategies to help an organization achieve financial goals. Their duties include talking with stakeholders to determine where the business should be headed, coming up with initiatives that would forward the company’s position in the market, and leading teams according to these proposals.

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Business Analyst duties and responsibilities

When writing a job description for a Business Analyst, it is important to specify the duties and responsibilities required to excel in the role, including: 

  • Developing business requirements
  • Evaluating existing business processes to formulate new business programs and initiatives
  • Leading process review and improvement initiatives to ensure smooth transitions
  • Coordinating with other team members in the organization to create or improve workflows
  • Educating other departments on new processes, sharing ideas, and taking feedback
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Business Analyst Job Description Examples:

What does a Business Analyst do?

A Business Analyst typically works with Project Managers on small or large tasks, and their overall goal within an organization is to help determine areas of growth. A Business Analyst works with many different departments within an organization. Responsible for looking over large amounts of data, they put together reports and presentations for leadership teams. Additionally, a Business Analyst also works with various software programs to help their company and the designated teams within to formulate proper workflows and templates.

Business Analyst skills and qualifications

A successful Business Analyst will have various prerequisite skills and qualifications for the duties of this job. Some of these may include: 

  • Ability to work independently and as part of a team
  • Excellent communication skills in dealing with colleagues, the management team, and external partners
  • A keen eye for detail that helps efficiently detect and solve problems
  • Analytical thinking skills
  • Knowledge of basic computer programs and concepts such as scaling, database analyses, and software interfaces
  • Effective time management skills
  • Ability to build strong client and business relationships

Business Analyst experience requirements

A Business Analyst job applicant will generally have prior work experience, and someone with at least three to five years in a similar position will usually have an advantage. Past experience working as a Junior Analyst may also be considered.

Business Analyst training and education requirements

A Business Analyst job candidate will generally have completed a bachelor’s program at an accredited university, and they usually hold a degree that specializes in computer science, computer systems engineering, business administration, or a related discipline. In some cases, a specific college diploma in computer science will also be considered. It is not uncommon to look for additional certifications on specific software programs as well. Formal French training may also be required, depending on the hiring organization.

Business Analyst salary expectations

According to Indeed Salaries, the average salary for a Business Analyst is $69,664 per year. This can vary depending on their experience, location, or the company that is hiring.

Job description samples for similar positions

If a Business Analyst is not what you are looking for, other related job descriptions include:

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Business Analyst job description FAQs

What should you look for in a Business Analyst resume?

A candidate should have attained past experience creating and presenting detailed reports or have worked with specific software programs in previous jobs. A successful job candidate may also list the amount they helped a company save or earn through their strategies.

What makes a good Business Analyst job description?

A good Business Analyst job description will list out any specific software programs that will be used regularly in the role. The job description should also have details about the organization and key areas it is looking to improve on. A good job description helps lay out what the Business Analyst can expect to be doing in the first year on the job. If the applicant is to be expected to work with specific departments or organizational teams on a daily basis, it would be essential to list this.

What are the day-to-day duties of a Business Analyst?

A Business Analyst spends a lot of their day exchanging emails with internal and external teams. Many of these emails could be asking questions about business processes or finding out the pain points within an organization. When a Business Analyst is assigned to a certain project, they will be involved in numerous information-gathering sessions. Once there is a sufficient amount of data gathered, a Business Analyst will then work to formulate new business processes. The end of the project typically involves putting the information into a detailed report and presenting it to designated leadership teams.

Job Description Examples

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