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How to Write a Logistics Specialist Coordinator Job Description Sample

A Logistics Specialist Coordinator, or a Logistics Coordinator, makes sure businesses have the supplies and materials they need to run smoothly and sends finished products to vendors or retailers. Their duties include developing and implementing procurement policies, supervising shipping and warehouse activity, and monitoring supply chains and transportation processes.

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What does a Logistics Specialist Coordinator do?

Many businesses depend on Logistics Specialist Coordinators for profitable, efficient operations. They handle various tasks, including interviewing, hiring, and training Logistics Specialists and other employees, evaluating the quality of the goods and services procured, and negotiating with vendors and contractors to reduce costs. Logistics Specialist Coordinators also make sure that suppliers, vendors, and employees follow company policies along with any applicable laws or regulations. Logistics Specialist Coordinators can help move raw materials or finished products. They can also coordinate internal logistics such as for cleaning and office supplies.

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Logistics Specialist Coordinator duties and responsibilities

Responsibilities of a Logistics Specialist Coordinator will depend on the type of company and its size. Logistics Specialist Coordinators select suppliers and vendors, ensure that the business has plenty of inventory available, and help maintain an effective, reliable supply chain. Duties and responsibilities in a Logistics Specialist Coordinator job description may include:

  • Developing specifications and quality requirements for product and service purchases
  • Completing performance evaluations for logistics employees and making reports
  • Giving feedback to logistics employees and answering questions to improve productivity
  • Reading and analyzing reports from Managers and other employees
  • Updating Managers and Executives regularly
  • Creating strategies for increasing supply chain efficiency
  • Making payments to vendors on time while following budgets

Logistics Specialist Coordinator skills and qualifications

Successful Logistics Specialist Coordinators are polite, friendly, persuasive, and professional. They can work with a wide variety of supplies and employees, and adapt quickly to changing conditions. They can also keep track of a variety of small details. Logistics Specialist Coordinators who communicate with suppliers in foreign countries are often bilingual or multilingual. Top skills and qualifications for Logistics Specialist Coordinators include:

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Outstanding organizational and time management skills
  • Extensive understanding of the services or products the business sells and its industry
  • Ability to anticipate demand and determine which materials and supplies the company needs
  • Understanding of basic math, budgeting, and accounting

Logistics Specialist Coordinator experience requirements

Most Logistics Specialist Coordinator jobs require candidates with at least one or two years of experience in a similar role. Experience as a Logistics Manager or other related managerial role is an asset. The most senior Logistics Specialist Coordinators have more than a decade of experience.

Logistics Specialist Coordinator education and training requirements

Logistics Specialist Coordinator jobs usually require a bachelor’s degree in business, business administration, commerce, economics, or logistics. In some industries, you may prefer people with a degree relevant to your business. For example, a Logistics Specialist Coordinator helping to purchase industrial equipment may need an engineering degree. You might also want to consider providing on-the-job training for Logistics Specialist Coordinators as well if the knowledge and skills they possess are not sufficient for what is necessary for the role.

Logistics Specialist Coordinator salary expectations

According to Indeed Salaries, the average salary for a Logistics Specialist Coordinator in Canada is $45,500 per year. Individual salary will depend on several factors including education level, experience, the hiring company, and the location.

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Logistics Specialist Coordinator job description FAQs

What is the difference between a Logistics Specialist Coordinator and a Logistics Specialist?

Logistics Specialists order goods and services from suppliers and contractors, and make or approve payments when the company receives those orders. They also send finished products to vendors. Logistics Specialist Coordinators work to make sure that the infrastructure needed for a reliable and efficient supply chain is properly situated. Logistics Specialist Coordinators can also help executives decide whether the company should build its own warehouses and factories or pay contractors to make and store their products.

Who does a Logistics Specialist Coordinator report to?

Logistics Specialist Coordinators usually report to the Logistics Manager, Operations Director, the head of the finance department, or the Chief Operations Officer. This will vary depending on the size of the organization. In smaller organizations, they may report directly to the owner.

What's a typical day like for a Logistics Specialist Coordinator?

Logistics Specialist Coordinators spend most of their time communicating with vendors, executives, and department heads. They often attend meetings, make phone calls, analyze logistical data, and write and review reports. Logistics Specialist Coordinators sometimes make trips to visit factories and other facilities, but they usually work regular business hours in an office.

Job Description Examples

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