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How to Write a Millwright Job Description Sample

A Millwright, or Industrial Mechanic, is a professional who operates industrial machinery found in construction sites, factories, power plants, and other sectors. Their duties include installing equipment, repairing items, and transferring machinery to needed locations.

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What does a Millwright do?

In most cases, Millwrights work in power plants, factories, and other similar industrial settings. They assemble, move, set up, and dismantle tools and machinery. For this reason, this job requires flexibility and dexterity, as Millwrights carry equipment, stand, and crouch through the day. In addition to this, Millwrights need to be comfortable using large equipment like cranes and trucks, be good with tools, and be able to read plans.

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Millwright Job Description Examples:

Millwright duties and responsibilities

A good Millwright is well-versed in the latest diagnostic equipment and technical manuals. They constantly deal with setting up, maintaining, and repairing intricate and sometimes massive machines. Duties may include:

  • Assembling and installing machines then testing them to make sure they are working correctly
  • Must work in full compliance with the approved safety regulations
  • Managing the layout and placement of equipment and machinery in factory settings to ensure minimum downtime
  • Identifying and repairing problematic parts of a machine by running tests, making temporary repairs, or installing new parts
  • Dismantling older machines and replacing them with new ones
  • Overseeing preventive maintenance by identifying and correcting potential issues, removing worn out pieces and lubricating mechanical parts
  • Using machinery or equipment, such as forklifts, to move mechanical parts

Millwright skills and qualifications

Millwrights need to have excellent manual dexterity, as the job involves the regular handling of small parts. They must have extensive knowledge of the machinery they will be expected to operate. Skills and qualifications generally listed in a job description include:

  • Good at adhering to strict safety guidelines and cognizant of safety risks
  • Mechanical aptitude in dealing with wrenches, hammers, forklifts, and other similar tools
  • Working knowledge of mechanical technical skills to allow them to effectively read documents such as specifications, machine manuals, and blueprints
  • Proficient in troubleshooting techniques to solve machine issues
  • Excellent mathematical skills and strong attention to detail
  • Ability to be a team player due to constant interactions with similar employees and stakeholders such as Engineers, Plant Managers, and Part Vendors, amongst others

Millwright experience requirements

Generally, Millwrights start by completing an apprenticeship before working on their own. Depending on the degree of complexity involved in the work you need to complete, you will need to hire a Millwright with relevant experience. For instance, if the position requires a Millwright to work alone, then the candidate needs technical knowledge and experience. If a Millwright position involves supervising other employees, then the candidate needs practical experience in leading a team.

Millwright education and training requirements

Since this is a technical position, Millwrights may gain necessary training through an apprenticeship program. They need to have at least a high school diploma, although ideal candidates may have an associate’s degree in industrial maintenance. You may want to give priority to candidates who have completed an accredited Millwright certificate or training program. Millwrights also need to know about the current Canadian occupational health and safety regulations and related safety measures, including specific regulations depending on the industry, region, or province.

Millwright salary expectations

According to Indeed Salaries, average pay for a Millwright is $34.36 per hour. Actual earnings will vary depending on the company’s location and size, as well as on the candidate’s education and previous experience.

Job description samples for similar positions

If a Millwright job description doesn’t suit the position, other job description samples include:

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Millwright job description FAQs

What are the minimum hours of work experience an Apprentice Millwright needs?

Ordinarily, Millwrights go through an apprenticeship program before employment. In most cases, the term of an industrial apprenticeship program is about four years. However, apprenticeship programs may be longer or shorter depending on the provider. This includes a minimum of 1560 hours of on-the-job training and a minimum of eight weeks of technical training per year.

Are Millwrights still relevant in the industry?

Industrial Mechanics are professionals who work on hand tools. They also use grinders, lathes, drill presses and in some cases, welding equipment. Essentially, they handle lower-level machinery maintenance. Millwrights, on the other hand, install, maintain, and dismantle equipment and machines. However, in many cases, the equipment that Millwrights and Industrial Mechanics deal with can overlap, and they often end up working together.

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