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Handyman Job Description: Top Duties and Requirements

A Handyman, or a Handyperson, keeps homes and businesses looking welcoming, and in good repair. Their duties include preparing walls, ceilings, and floors for general improvements. They also make minor repairs to heating, cooling, plumbing, and electrical systems, and recommend more specialized workers for complex repairs.

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What does a Handyman do?

A Handyman can take care of a variety of tasks, including painting, cutting grass, trimming bushes, planting or removing trees, installing doors and shelves, and repairing furniture. Some focus on regular maintenance, and others visit job sites to make repairs when needed. Handymen operate equipment like industrial vacuum cleaners, carpet cleaners, leaf blowers, and chainsaws to keep the interior and exterior of homes and businesses looking great. They may also apply wallpaper or paint, repair or assemble furniture, clean gutters, and inspect roofs.

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Handyman Job Description Examples:

Handyman duties and responsibilities

Handymen help people keep their homes and businesses in good condition so that they can protect their investments and avoid costly repairs. They speak with customers to confirm requests and make sure they’re happy with the work performed. They also abide by all applicable safety procedures and building regulations. Other duties and responsibilities a Handyman must excel at may include:

  • Moving heavy furniture and equipment
  • Climbing ladders and going into crawlspaces as needed
  • Gathering tools and supplies, and bringing them to the worksite
  • Finding ways to reduce costs of equipment and supplies
  • Creating invoices and receiving payments from customers
  • Driving trucks or vans with supplies to work sites
  • Keeping trucks and storage areas neat and clean
  • Checking inventory and ordering supplies when needed

Handyman skills and qualifications

Handymen must have good attention to detail and the ability to troubleshoot and diagnose problems with a variety of appliances and equipment. They’re polite, friendly, and professional, and they can stay focused on a task for several hours at a time. They can also get along well with many different types of people. Top prerequisite skills and qualifications for Handymen also include:

  • Excellent customer service skills
  • Good written and verbal communication skills
  • Knowledge of basic math and geometry
  • Ability to read blueprints, plans, and diagrams
  • Ability to keep track of expenses and follow a budget
  • Good sense of direction and ability to use maps or smartphone apps to find new job sites

Handyman experience requirements

Previous experience is not a strict requirement for this job. That said, candidates who have experience in painting, carpentry, plumbing, landscaping, or a similar line of work are often preferred.

Handyman education and training requirements

A candidate with a secondary school diploma or GED may be preferred, but not required for the role. There may also be a preference for applicants who have attended a trade school for carpentry or related courses. Applicants may also present training certifications, showing specialty services they can offer, and their areas of expertise.

Handyman salary expectations

According to Indeed Salaries, the average pay for a Handyman in Canada is $22.99 per hour. Rates for individuals depend on the region, the employee’s experience, skill, and education levels, and the employer.

Job description samples for similar positions

If a Handyman isn’t exactly what your company is looking for, some similar job description samples that may suit your needs include:

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Handyman job description FAQs

Who does a Handyman report to?

A good Handyman job description includes an overview of the company, its culture, and its values. More importantly, it needs to highlight your company’s areas of specialization, like carpentry or mechanical maintenance. Detail whether uniforms and safety equipment are required and whether the company will provide them. Include the specific locations or regions where new Handymen will work, and whether candidates require a driver’s licence. To encourage a variety of candidates to apply, highlight benefits like flexible working hours or on-the-job training.

Job Description Examples

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