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Engineer Job Description: Top Duties and Requirements

An Engineer, or Project Engineer, is a professional who uses their knowledge of math and science to design, build and test various processes, systems or products. Some of their duties include preparing project budgets, determining project specifications, and creating plans using detailed drawings and diagrams.

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Engineer duties and responsibilities

Engineers work with teams. They ensure that each member of their group performs their designated tasks and delivers as expected. An Engineer also uses modern technology to deliver high-quality and error-free results. Some other duties and responsibilities include:

  • Using mathematical and scientific knowledge to find solutions
  • Giving clear and detailed information to their team members and clients about project analysis and design
  • Preparing project estimates and budgets
  • Obtaining all necessary legal requirements and approvals to ensure projects moving forward as planned
  • Helping the management develop the project’s budget
  • Ensuring projects are completed within the allotted schedule and meet the original specifications
  • Developing detailed reports and manuals that direct how clients or team members will use a new machine
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Engineer Job Description Examples:

What does an Engineer do?

An Engineer’s work is reflected in a variety of sectors, from the cell phones people use, to the electronics they own, to the cars they drive, and to their residences or office buildings. No matter the field an Engineer works in, they aim to provide the most efficient resolutions to a variety of technical problems. Engineers apply the concepts of mathematics and science to develop and improve machines and structures. They identify problems, conduct research, find solutions, and make decisions based on their own findings. Engineers aim to link scientific discoveries with commercial applications.

Engineer skills and qualifications

An engineering job candidate needs various skills and qualifications to perform their duties successfully. Some of an Engineer’s key skills and qualifications may include:

  • Ability to communicate effectively and positively to their team and clients
  • Excellent critical thinking with the ability to come up with innovative ideas and develop a reasonable time frame for each project
  • Ability to work under pressure and still deliver desired good results within tight deadlines
  • Excellent leadership skills with the ability to motivate and inspire team members
  • Ability to solve problems
  • Ability to work effectively as part of a team with the same common goal

Engineer experience requirements

Engineering candidates need to complete an accredited four-year program, pass the Fundamentals of Engineering exam, and complete at least four years of qualifying engineering experience before they can go on to pass the Principles and Practice of Engineering exam and receive full licensure. To gain this experience, they can complete relevant internships in their engineering field.

Engineer education and training requirements

A bachelor of science degree in biomedical, computer, agriculture, or software engineering is required for an entry-level engineering position. An Engineer should also have a practice license to work with the government or the public and take a course certified by the Canadian Engineering Accreditation Board (CEAB). Successful candidates should have expertise in using computer programs and software platforms that are necessary for the field that they are working in. An advanced engineering position such as a Senior Engineer, however, requires a candidate with a master’s degree.

Engineer salary expectations

According to Indeed Salaries, the average salary for an Engineer is $31.49 per hour. However, this amount varies depending on the geographical location, employee’s experience level, and the company’s pay rates.

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Engineer job description FAQs

What qualities make an excellent Engineer?

To be a good Engineer, an individual needs to have commendable technical knowledge. However, a great Engineer will also have emotional and social intelligence, since Engineers with the ability to model interventions around prevailing social scenarios are often sought after. A great Engineer tends to have a clear way of explaining ideas to make their analysis and design presentation easy to understand. They are a constant learner, problem solver, team player, good communicator, logical thinker, and they are creative, innovative, and detail-oriented.

Do Engineers have different responsibilities in different industries?

Yes. Engineering is divided into many fields and, as such, there are several types of Engineers. The five major categories of Engineers include Civil Engineers, Chemical Engineers, Electrical Engineers, Industrial Engineers, and Mechanical Engineers. Accordingly, the task of each type of Engineer varies depending on the field and nature of work that they pursue.

Job Description Examples

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