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Delivery Driver Job Description: Top Duties and Requirements

A Delivery Driver, or Courier, is responsible for delivering products to customers, like groceries, take-out or mail. Their main duties include driving a delivery vehicle, delivering items in a timely manner, and communicating with both customers and the central dispatch unit. Here are some tips to writing an effective Delivery Driver job description that will attract the top candidates.

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What does a Delivery Driver do?

A Delivery Driver is responsible for transporting goods by car, truck, van, or other delivery vehicle. They are responsible for inspecting their delivery vehicle, verifying shipments, and loading and unloading goods to be transported. In some cases, like delivering furniture, the Delivery Driver may be required to install the items delivered.

The Delivery Driver is also responsible for keeping detailed records of their deliveries, mileage, fuel costs, and any issues with the items being delivered. They may have to communicate with the buyer to schedule delivery, or keep in contact with the central dispatch unit to keep them updated on delivery details.

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Delivery Driver Job Description Examples:

Delivery Driver duties and responsibilities

A successful Delivery Driver will be responsible for more than just transporting goods back and forth. Here is a brief look at some of the most important daily duties of a Delivery Driver in any industry:

  • Drive delivery vehicle
  • Load and unload products to be delivered
  • Inspect the delivery vehicle regularly
  • Add fuel and maintain detailed records of fuel costs and mileage
  • Deliver items by the required delivery date and time
  • Assemble or install items upon delivery (i.e.; furniture, appliances, etc.)
  • Collect payment or get signatures for proof of delivery
  • Ensure all items being delivered remain intact during transport and delivery

Delivery Driver skills and qualifications

A successful Delivery Driver applicant in any industry should have some basic skills and qualifications. Here is a brief overview of some of the skills to look for in potential candidates:

  • A valid driver’s license for the type of delivery vehicle needed
  • Certification to handle dangerous goods, if applicable
  • Secondary school diploma
  • A clean driving record for the last 12 months
  • A valid passport of deliveries must cross the border
  • A clean criminal record

Delivery Driver experience requirements

No experience is required. A Delivery Driver job offers the opportunity to learn on-the-job. Driving experience is an asset.

Delivery Driver education and training requirements

There is typically no formal training or education required for a standard Delivery Driver job. If the Delivery Driver must handle dangerous goods, the applicant is required to have Transportation of Dangerous Goods (TDG) certification, according to the Transportation of Dangerous Goods Act.

Delivery Driver salary expectations

According to Indeed Salaries, the average hourly wage for a Delivery Driver is $21.21. Salaries range based on factors like location, experience, and the type of industry or nature of the goods being delivered.

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Delivery Driver job description FAQs

Does a Delivery Driver have different responsibilities in different industries?

Yes. For example, a restaurant Delivery Driver is only required to drop off the food and usually collect payment. A Courier, may only need to leave a package on the doorstep, without interacting with the buyer. A furniture or appliance Delivery Driver is required to install the products upon delivery. A warehouse Delivery Driver may also be required to record incoming and outgoing inventory, and verify shipments as they are dispatched.

What qualities make a good Delivery Driver?

A good candidate for the Delivery Drive position will have a clean driving and criminal record, demonstrate excellent organizational skills, and have strong communication skills. A Delivery Driver should also have excellent time management skills and be able to deal with customer service complaints in an appropriate manner. Strong interpersonal skills are an asset in a candidate.

What makes a good Delivery Driver job description?

Because the term is very broad, it is best to provide as much detail as possible in your job listing. This not only limits unqualified candidates, but encourages those with the necessary skills to apply. A good description will include the type of deliveries required, the class of vehicle the driver must be able to operate and any other specific details associated with the job.

Job Description Examples

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