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Inside Sales Representative Job Description: Top Duties and Requirements

An Inside Sales Representative is responsible for selling products and services to customers. Using mostly email and phone communication, the successful candidate is able to employ effective sales strategies to get buyers what they want. Duties may include closing sales, maintaining inventory records, and finding new sales opportunities.

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What does an Inside Sales Representative do?

An Inside Sales Representative is typically employed by a store or a business in order to sell their products and services directly to the public.

Inside Sales Representatives process sales transactions, book tickets, provide information about products, and promote merchandise while working in an office setting with other team members. Individuals in this role listen and communicate well, and leave customers satisfied with their purchases.

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Inside Sales Representative Job Description Examples:

Inside Sales Representative duties and responsibilities

An Inside Sales Representative has a number of sales-related duties and responsibilities, some of which may include:

  • Responding to customer complaints and inquiries quickly and efficiently
  • Answering phone calls and emails in a professional manner
  • Building rapport with customers
  • Collecting customer information for future follow-ups
  • Upselling services and making product recommendations
  • Closing sales and achieving company quotas
  • Identifying sales opportunities
  • Staying informed about product and service information updates

Inside Sales Representative skills and qualifications

A successful Inside Sales Representative candidate has high-level people skills and can expertly advise clients on which purchases to make. Top skills of an Inside Sales Representative include:

  • Excellent customer service
  • Clear communication and active listening
  • Ability to process information well
  • People oriented and experienced in rapport building
  • Ability to sell and promote
  • Working knowledge of various technology and software programs
  • Strong product knowledge
  • Excellent time management

Inside Sales Representative experience requirements

Inside Sales Representatives are experienced sales people who have a proven track record of selling products and services through incoming calls. Ideally, they know how to handle a high volume of customers at once and have at least two years of experience achieving a company’s sales goals.

Inside Sales Representatives typically have experience in customer service. They have a resume that demonstrates people-oriented roles where the primary tasks involve attending to customer needs and maintaining good customer relations.

Inside Sales Representative education and training requirements

Inside Sales Representatives typically require a high school diploma or a GED certificate. This level of education is enough for the candidate to acquire skills needed for the job. However, in some cases, positions may require additional education such as a Bachelor’s degree. Depending on the industry, some provinces require certain retailers or salespeople to be certified by a regulatory authority.

Some Inside Sales Representatives may pursue continuing education in the form of computer training modules provided by their employers or participating in company-mandated training programs such as WHMIS, customer service, and first aid.

Inside Sales Representative salary expectations

According to Indeed Salaries, the average salary for an Inside Sales Representative is $46,845 per year in Canada. The salary amount may vary depending on location, previous experience in sales, and the company.

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Inside Sales Representative job description FAQs

What qualities make a good Inside Sales Representative?

An excellent Inside Sales Representative is persuasive and motivated in their salesmanship. The ideal candidate can expertly encourage consumers towards a specific purchase in a way that is natural and honest. They have a positive demeanor and are not opposed to competition.

What is the difference between an Inside Sales Representative and a Sales Consultant?

Although both job titles deal with selling products and services, their duties are different, with the Sales Consultant title ranking higher in career status. A Sales Consultant understands the overall sales needs of a business, and can help increase sales through various methods, such as meeting clients out of the office and seeking out new customers.

Unlike the Sales Consultant, the Inside Sales Representative works only in-house. Sales Consultant roles typically have higher education requirements, such as a Bachelor’s degree in business administration or marketing, and in some cases a Master of Business Administration (MBA). A high school diploma is typically adequate to become an Inside Sales Representative.

What should you look for in an Inside Sales Representative resume?

The successful Inside Sales Representative candidate has a resume that outlines an excellence in communication. Other top traits include clear and effective speaking skills, and a positive attitude. An exceptional resume highlights an aptitude for sales, confidence using computers, and an openness to learning new software.

Who does an Inside Sales Representative report to?

Inside Sales Representatives will often take direction from a Sales Manager. The Sales Manager is responsible for hiring and training the successful candidate and evaluating their performance. Sales Managers provide Inside Sales Representatives with their day-to-day tasks and offer advice on how to increase job performance. Inside Sales Representatives try to meet the sales quotas created by the Sales Manager, and any problems are generally reported to the Sales Manager.

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