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Business Administrator Job Description: Top Duties and Requirements

Business Administrators, or Operation Managers, preside over the day-to-day operations of an organization. They evaluate the company’s sales and profit reports, oversee the overall daily operations of different departments, and facilitate training programs for employees.

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Business Administrator duties and responsibilities

Business Administrators are in charge of improving efficiency and reducing material wastes in manufacturing firms. They are also in charge of the overall managerial functions of the company, which include: planning, organizing, controlling, staffing, and directing the business operations. Other duties and responsibilities of a Business Administrator include:

  • Keeping records and preparing reports on the operation of the business
  • Establishing and carrying out different operational policies, goals, and procedures
  • Managing the general activities that are related to making products and providing services
  • Serving as the interlink between the Executive officers, employees, and the customers
  • Overseeing and managing business finances and budget activities
  • Directing and managing the company’s products marketing and promotion
  • Collaborate with the HR department to meet workers need and improve efficiency
  • Research and introduce new ways to improve on existing business models through technology
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Business Administrator Job Description Examples:

What does a Business Administrator do?

Business Administrators are essential workers in businesses. They are usually the overall general manager of a company. They direct the day-to-day duties and supervise the operations of all departments. They also ensure that employees meet their daily, weekly, and monthly goals. Their responsibilities include the implementation of new policies and operation guidelines for the company. They work for educational, corporate, nonprofit, and government institutions.

Business Administrator skills and qualifications

As the general manager of the company, Business Administrators should have a general understanding of their industry and knowledge of every department in the company. Good interpersonal relationships, the ability to communicate effectively, and good listening skills are essential skills required of every Business Administrators. Other skills to qualify for this position include:

  • Problem assessment and problem-solving skills
  • General knowledge of business practices and laws
  • Strong negotiation and decision-making skills
  • Strong aptitude for mathematics and technology
  • Excellent customer relation skills
  • Strong leadership and management skills
  • Excellent planning and organization skills
  • Familiarity with business management procedures and basic accounting

Business Administrator experience requirements

As a managerial role, Business Administrators should have several years of experience in different departments like marketing, finance, accounting, human resources, and administrations. Depending on personal preference, some people may have experience in all departments or specializes in a few departments. Knowledge in the industry is also essential. A qualified candidate should have a minimum of five years of experience in their industry of choice, either working in corporate, government, or nonprofit organizations.

Business Administrator education and training requirements

The minimum requirement for this position is a Bachelor’s degree in Business, Accounting, Finance, Economics, Management, or related fields. Depending on the duties required of the candidate, some employers required candidates to have a Master’s or Doctorate in Business or Management. Although there is generally on the job training for this position, prospective candidates should also have previous experience working in low-level managerial roles. Furthermore, depending on some provincial requirements, some candidates may need to be certified before working on some administrative tasks.

Business Administrator salary expectations

According to Indeed Salaries, the average salary for a Business Administrator is $18.76 per hour in Canada. However, salaries may be dependent on the location, experience, and company.

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Business Administrator job description FAQs

Who does a Business Administrator report to?

Who a Business Administrator reports to depends on the size and the structure of the company. In a large enterprise, a Business Administrator reports to the top executives in the company. On the other hand, a Business Administrator report directly to the business owner in a small to medium enterprise.

What qualities are required of Business Administrators?

The primary duty of a Business Administrator is to manage the business and ensures the employees are working in alignment with the company’s goals. A Business Administrator should have the ability to lead and delegate tasks. They should also have excellent interpersonal skills. As the manager, a Business Administrator should also have the ability to detect problems from afar and provide viable solutions.

What should you look for in a Business Administrator resume?

The resume of a qualified candidate should showcase the skills and qualifications required by the company. As a director and manager, the Business Administrator’s resume should showcase the candidate’s experience as a leader, critical thinker, and a problem solver. The employer should also check if the educational background and technical knowledge of the candidate align with the requirement of the company.

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