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Social Media Intern Job Description: Top Duties and Requirements

A Social Media Intern, or Media Intern, works as part of a company’s digital marketing team which is responsible for the execution and coordination of the social media strategy of a company. A Social Media Intern works to be totally immersed in social media tasks by learning best practices for key social media channels, such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook; contribute to a company’s recruiting efforts and learn about company-specific marketing.

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What does a Social Media Intern do?

The role of a Social Media Intern is crucial to the company as it helps increase the company’s social media presence and gains visibility for the brand among candidates and clients. As a member of a digital marketing team and reporting to the Social Media Manager, a successful Social Media Intern candidate will work closely with the company’s candidates and clients, external social media consultants and key members of the staff to learn more about marketing and communications in a business-to-business environment.

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Social Media Intern Job Description Examples:

Social Media Intern duties and responsibilities

The key duties and responsibilities of a Social Media Intern include SEO and email marketing, understanding and monitoring social media analytics, coordinating and distributing content and managing a company’s social media community. While performing the duties mentioned above, a Social Media Intern will need to:

  • Research free online directories to generate SEO-focused inbound links
  • Work with various departmental teams in creating and sending regular email broadcast around content ideas
  • Work with directors in building monthly reporting tools on performance and social media analytics against the company’s baseline targets
  • Use blog reader apps to follow the contents and blogs of the company’s key clients and competitors
  • Track key social media analytics of the company including the professional networking company stats and other analytics monthly
  • Set up and manage the image-sharing account of a company and post interesting photos regularly
  • Use tools, such as Twitgroups, Technorati and Webflow to identify and monitor key Twitter influencers, trade journalists and industry bloggers
  • Liaise with senior directors and consultants to push new blog posts through the calendar

Social Media Intern skills and qualifications

A successful Social Media Intern candidate should possess various prerequisite skills and qualifications as this will enable them to discharge their duties effectively. They must be well informed and passionate about their job. They must be quick learners who are generous enough to share their knowledge with others. A Social Media Intern must also own responsibility for their personal growth and actively seek development opportunities. Other skills and qualifications for a Social Media Intern include:

  • Ability to collaborate and work closely with teams and departments
  • Ability to schedule tasks and complete urgent ones with minimal fuss and fast turnaround time
  • A resilient and robust attitude towards challenges and the ability to hold their cool under pressure
  • A service-focused and pro-active attitude towards candidates and clients, and the teams they support internally
  • A high motivation to learn and excellent attention to detail
  • Ability to consistently demonstrate the company’s values of hard work and insight, and to remain effective in their approach to work
  • Familiarity with Microsoft Office products, such as Excel, PowerPoint and Word, and key social media tools
  • Interest in reputation management, social media, communications and marketing

Social Media Intern experience requirements

To be effective at discharging duties, a Social Media Intern requires an entry-level understanding of marketing strategy. They should be experienced in concept application throughout varied forms of outreach. They also need to have a minimum of two years of experience in social media management. This way, they will be sure o work with a diverse group of employees and collaborate towards implementing many initiatives of the company at once.

Social Media Intern education and training requirements

A Social Media Intern candidate must possess a Bachelor’s Degree in Public Relations, Journalism, Marketing, Communication, Business Administration or related field. It is also preferable that they have a professional certification in Google Analytics. During their internship program, a Social Media Intern receives their training under the direction of a supervisor, such as the Marketing Manager or Social Media Manager. During this time, they are trained on the company’s social media marketing strategies and specific tasks related to the company.

Social Media Intern salary expectations

According to Indeed Salaries, the average salary of a Social Media Intern is $15.59 per hour. However, this figure may vary depending on the company, location and the experience level of the intern.

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Social Media Intern job description FAQs

What is the difference between a Social Media Intern and a Digital Marketing Manager?

The functions of a Social Media Intern are limited to online boundaries. In contrast, a Digital Marketing Manager uses both offline and online digital platforms to reach out to the target audience. A Digital Media Manager will use channels, such as SMS, online advertising, TV and mobile advertisements. In contrast, a Social Media Intern will use Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, among other channels, to pass a company’s information.

What content management skills should you look for in a Social Media Intern's resume?

An ideal Social Media Intern candidate should have experience with social media management systems, such as video-image editing and word processor applications.

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