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How to a Write a Veterinarian Job Description Sample

Veterinarians are responsible for providing medical care to animals. They diagnose, treat, and research various animal medical conditions. Veterinarians treat animals such as pets, livestock, and exotic animals with a variety of medical equipment.

Veterinarians provide care to animals in a similar way that doctors provide care to humans. Veterinarians work hand-in-hand with clients to find the best treatment solution for each animal using necessary materials and equipment.

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What does a Veterinarian do?

Veterinarians prevent and treat illnesses in animals, and improve their general health and wellbeing. They collaborate with Veterinary Nurses, Surgeons, and other staff members to maintain ethical medical practices and standards. Veterinarians must be empathetic, caring, friendly, and organized to thrive at this job.

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Veterinarian Job Description Examples:

Veterinarian duties and responsibilities

A Veterinarian is in charge of ensuring animals under their care are in good health. Some of the duties and responsibilities of Veterinarians include:

  • Examining animals and diagnosing any of their medical issues
  • Performing laboratory tests and diagnostic imaging to diagnose animal medical conditions
  • Performing surgery, dressing and treating wounds, and prescribing relevant medication to the animals
  • Advocating for routine vaccinations by administering vaccines and educating animal owners on the best diets and lifestyle choices for their pets
  • Improving dental health for animals by conducting routine checkups, cleaning, and teeth extraction
  • Spaying and neutering animals
  • Euthanizing animals when necessary
  • Maintaining clear and detailed medical records

Veterinarian skills and qualifications

Veterinarians need to be friendly, calm, and professional. Sometimes a pet brought in can be frantic, and the vet should be able to calm the patient. Veterinarian skills and qualifications include:

  • Able to make decisions regarding the welfare of animals
  • Excellent social and communication skills for dealing with animal owners
  • Necessary licencing to practice
  • Able to deal with uncooperative animals and owners
  • Performing medical tests and diagnostic imaging techniques
  • Understanding local and regional laws about animals and their welfare
  • Giving appropriate advice to pet owners regarding their animals, such as providing them with dietary recommendations

Veterinarian experience requirements

Veterinarian candidates should have prior experience working with animals in a veterinary role or other animal care related role. They should have two or more years experience working with animals. Experience as an intern or volunteer in an animal hospital, veterinary practice, or zoo is usually required.

Veterinarian educational and training requirements

Veterinarian candidates should have a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree. Prior to earning their doctoral degree, Veterinarian candidates should have completed a bachelors degree in a relevant scientific subject. They must be certified by their provincial or territorial regulatory body. They should also have qualifications or training certifications for dealing with specific animals, especially for jobs that require dealing with exotic animals.

Veterinarian salary expectations

According to Indeed Salaries, Veterinarians in Canada make an average of $94,130 per year. A Veterinarian’s salary may vary depending on their location, experience, education, and the hiring company

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Veterinarian job description FAQs

How long do Veterinarians work?

Becoming a Veterinarian takes about 7-9 years. The first thing an aspiring vet should do is earn a Bachelor of Science degree that takes about four years to finish. Afterwards, the candidate should attend veterinary school to earn a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree from an accredited institution. This usually takes about four years to complete.

Before they practice veterinary medicine, the candidate takes a certification exam to earn their licence in their region. Some vets choose to get veterinary accreditation. This is the highest achievement for vets who have gone through advanced and specialized training. Although accreditation a prerequisite for becoming a Veterinarian, it means that they are a valuable candidate and skilled veterinarian.

How long does it take to become a Veterinarian?

For a Veterinarian to practice veterinary medicine, they should have a provincial license in addition to their Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree. Although certifications aren’t mandatory, they must have a license, usually gotten after passing a province’s or territory’s board examination.

Some territories and provinces require that Veterinarians have additional licenses or continuing education to practice. Continuing education allows Veterinarians to get their licenses renewed. For example, in Manitoba, Veterinarians are expected to obtain 30 hours of continuing education every two years. Often certification is given to vets who specialize in any species group. Additional certification addresses medicine practiced rather than the species of the animal. These types of certifications require specialized training.

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