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Social Media Manager Job Description: Top Duties and Requirements

A Social Media Manager, or Community Manager, is responsible for managing a brand’s online presence through various social channels. Their duties include developing engaging content, create an online community for the brand, and create an online image that is representative of the brand and what it aims to promote.

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What does a Social Media Manager do?

A Social Media Manager’s main responsibility is managing the online representation of the brand through their own social networks, such as Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Pinterest, and TikTok.

They are also in charge of brand messaging and engagement with customers online. A Social Media Coordinator may create and promote the content whereas the Social Media Manager may develop the strategy and tactics behind the content. A Social Media Manager will help build the brand identity online through content and visuals that are representative of the brand and its products or services.

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Social Media Manager Job Description Examples:

Social Media Manager duties and responsibilities

There are several important duties and responsibilities of the Social Media Manager in any industry. These are some of the most common tasks a Social Media Manager should be able to complete daily:

  • Develop a marketing strategy for social media
  • Develop content to increase community engagement online
  • Create a brand persona through the brand’s online channels
  • Utilize the social channels most relevant to the brand on a daily basis
  • Respond to customer queries through social networks
  • Create successful social media ad campaigns that will generate sales/leads
  • Work with relevant influencers or complementary brands to grow the company’s social following organically
  • Work together with the marketing department and graphic designers to create compelling content for publication or campaigns

Social Media Manager skills and qualifications

A good Social Media Manager candidate will have some of the following skills:

  • Excellent oral and written communication skills
  • Advanced knowledge of social channels relevant to the company’s success
  • Excellent interviewing skills
  • Ability to work on tight deadlines
  • Flexibility
  • Strong analytical skills
  • Advanced knowledge of social media advertising platforms

Social Media Manager experience requirements

A Social Media Manager should have some experience as a writer, public relations assistant, or even as a social media content creator. Social Media Coordinators may have less practical experience. A Social Media Manager should have more experience for this management role.

Social Media education and training requirements

A good candidate for a Social Media Manager role will have a university degree in Journalism, Communications, Public Relations, Marketing or a related discipline.

Social Media Manager salary expectations

According to Indeed Salaries, the average hourly rate for a Social Media Manager is $17.94. The salary varies based on important factors like location, qualifications, experience and type of industry.

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Social Media Manager job description FAQs

What is the difference between a Social Media Manager and a Marketing Manager?

A Social Media Manager will be responsible for marketing of the brand and representation of the brand through social media. They also run ad campaigns on social channels. The Marketing Manager develops the general marketing strategy for the brand and its products through traditional techniques like press releases, media contacts, articles, and print advertisements. These strategies vary from social strategies to some degree since they are targeting different audiences.

What skills does a Social Media Manager need?

Excellent communications skills — both oral and written — are key to the Social Media Manager position. They should also have the skills to maximize each social media outlet relevant to the company’s growth and success. They must also have excellent interpersonal skills as they are required to interview or collaborate with people in various industries every day. A Social Media Manager should also be a creative thinker, have an ability to provide quality customer care, and demonstrate a high level of professionalism.

What should you look for in a Social Media Manager's resume?

The most important features to look out for on a resume are experience and education. A successful Social Media Manager candidate will have a university degree in a relevant discipline. You should also look for practical work experience as an employee or intern. A successful candidate for a Social Media Manager position will also include experience in the industry and a developed contact base, as well.

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