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Resident Companion Job Description: Top Duties and Requirements

A Resident Companion, or Personal Care Assistant, supports residents of care facilities, such as the elderly, people with disabilities, or recovering patients, through various aspects of daily living. Duties include talking to residents, helping with their basic needs, and communicating with family members or other professionals about their client’s status.

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Resident Companion duties and responsibilities

Resident Companions have various duties they must perform to be effective in their role. Some essential duties and responsibilities include:

  • Interacting with residents to help with their social needs
  • Assisting residents with activities such as eating and grooming
  • Planning social activities and ensuring residents can keep up with hobbies and other enjoyable activities
  • Performing routine chores such as dishes, cleaning, washing, making the bed, and dusting
  • Ensuring that residents maintain their medical routine and use the right medication
  • Supporting residents with their emotional or physical issues
  • Running errands such as shopping for groceries, handling bills, or writing letters
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What does a Resident Companion do?

A Resident Companion attends to the emotional and social needs of residents of care facilities. They typically work with the elderly, people with disabilities, or recovering patients. Their job is to prevent residents from being lonely and help with basic activities.

Resident Companions monitor the health and wellness of clients. They also perform basic housekeeping duties such as cleaning, washing, and dusting in a home. Typically, they work with other caregivers and employees in a home.

A Resident Companion is often a full-time employee in private households, home care agencies, and personal support organizations. They typically work shifts and may be required to work during the weekends or holidays. However, some Resident Companions are self-employed and manage their own working hours.

Resident Companion skills and qualifications

A Resident Companion must behave professionally. They must be considerate and caring when performing their duties. They need various skills to excel at their job, such as:

  • Excellent interpersonal skills to bond with residents
  • Exceptional verbal and written communication skills
  • Keen attention to details to monitor residents
  • Excellent customer service skills
  • Ability to perform basic home care tasks
  • Ability to provide first aid or CPR when necessary
  • Empathy and a caring attitude

Resident Companion experience requirements

Resident Companion candidates should have experience as a Caregiver to be suitable for the role. Candidates should ideally have at least six months of experience caring for elderly, sick, or recovering patients. Candidates should also be able to demonstrate experience with home management. For entry-level positions, candidates with volunteer caring experience are suitable.

Resident Companion education and training requirements

Residential Companion candidates should at least have some secondary school education to perform their duties and responsibilities effectively. A college degree is a bonus for candidates. For some positions, candidates may need a valid driver’s license, or other specific requirements for the types of clients they will be caring for.

Resident Companion salary expectations

According to Indeed Salaries, the average salary of a Resident Companion in Canada is $43,317 per year. This can vary depending on location, experience, and the hiring company.

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Resident Companion job description FAQS

What are the qualities of a good Resident Companion?

A good Resident Companion is passionate about helping others and sensitive to the needs of residents. They are professionals who are compassionate and friendly. A good Resident Companion is also willing to keep a resident’s condition confidential and diligently perform their duties.

What should you look for in a Resident Companion's resume?

When going through resumes for Resident Companions, look for candidates who have held similar positions and have the skills and qualifications for the role. Candidates should be able to speak the same language as their patients so that they can communicate effectively when providing care. Candidates should have demonstrable experience in caregiving with similar demographics to your clients, such as working with the elderly or children.

Is a Resident Companion the same as a Nurse Assistant?

A Resident Companion is not the same as a Nurse Assistant. However, their roles are similar in a hiring organization. A Nurse Assistant provides basic care to patients. They assist with activities such as eating, bathing, and grooming. On the other hand, a Resident Companion helps residents with their emotional and social needs. They also provide basic care to residents and keep them company. While a Nurse Assistant reports to a Nurse, a Resident Companion communicates with family members and medical professionals.

Can a Resident Companion diagnose or treat residents?

A Resident Companion cannot diagnose or treat patients. However, they can remind residents of their dietary restrictions and help them take medications according to their prescription. They must also record the progress or issues of residents they care for and may share this information with family members with their client’s permission.

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