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Sales Coordinator Job Description: Top Duties and Requirements

A Sales Coordinator, or Sales Operation Coordinator, is a professional who works to support customer service and sales representatives. Their duties include promoting customer satisfaction, handling administrative tasks, and motivating sales staff to ensure company sales targets are being met.

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Sales Coordinator duties and responsibilities

The job description of a Sales Coordinator typically encompasses a variety of tasks. Some of the duties and responsibilities of a Sales Coordinator include:

  • Collaborate with senior sales staff to create and maintain sales reports
  • Establish active communication and engage with Sales Representatives to ensure prompt processing of orders
  • Contribute to overall customer satisfaction by promptly responding to communications
  • Monitor and organize inventory while effectively tracking new products and services
  • Attend sales training and develop an understanding of the products and services of the company
  • Support senior management by informing customers about delivery dates and possible delays
  • Arrange for creation and distribution of supporting documents and presentations to help the sales team in generating business leads
  • Maintain organized sales records and report month-end goal setting to the senior management team
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Sales Coordinator Job Description Examples:

What does a Sales Coordinator do?

A Sales Coordinator is an essential member of the sales team. They help make attaining the sales target a reality by coordinating activities related to the company’s sales and by giving support to Sales Representatives. Although they are not directly responsible for selling, Sales Coordinators play a significant role in ensuring a healthy customer relationship by acting as an extension of the sales force. Occasionally, a Sales Coordinator may be tasked with training new employees. However, much of their job entails maintaining customer information, ordering equipment and products, creating sales presentations, and writing invoices or sales reports.

Sales Coordinator skills and qualifications

A Sales Coordinator requires a working knowledge of the terminology and products of their industry. A successful Sales Coordinator candidate must have various prerequisite skills and qualifications needed for the performance of their duties, including:

  • Current knowledge of industry regulations and trends
  • Ability to work under pressure and meet tight deadlines in a fast-paced environment
  • Excellent sales acumen and customer service skills
  • Strong problem-solving, organizational, and administrative skills
  • Exceptional leadership and team development skills
  • Ability to attend all sales training conferences off-site
  • Ability to be a team player with a high level of dedication

Sales Coordinator experience requirements

A Sales Coordinator generally needs to have a minimum of two years of experience in sales or any administrative position. Additionally, they should also have a track record of success in the creation of marketing campaigns and experience with online advertising and analytics.

Sales Coordinator education and training requirements

A bachelor’s degree in business administration or its equivalent is a usual requirement for a Sales Coordinator. They are also required to have strong computer literacy. A certification in marketing or sales is an asset. The most common certification is the Certified Sales Professional (CSP) from the Canadian Professional Sales Association.

Sales Coordinator salary expectations

According to Indeed Salaries, the average salary for a Sales Coordinator is $46,213 per year. This may vary based on geographical location, company, and the skills or experience of the employee.

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