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Manufacturing Engineer Job Description: Top Duties and Requirements

A Manufacturing Engineer, or an Industrial Engineer, oversees the technical development of a company’s production processes. Their duties include maintaining and repairing any assembly lines, testing equipment for quality assurance, and gathering statistics to assess the efficiency of a firm’s production methods.

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Manufacturing Engineer duties and responsibilities

A Manufacturing Engineer is responsible for ensuring that machinery is in good working order so production can run smoothly. They also carry out repairs or supervise technical staff doing such work. Several key responsibilities and duties for a Manufacturing Engineer include:

  • Testing and monitoring machinery to make sure it is in good working order and can operate safely
  • Installing new equipment to improve a company’s manufacturing processes
  • Designing new equipment or operational procedures
  • Troubleshooting machines to resolve breakdowns or faults
  • Gathering data and compiling reports to assess the effectiveness of manufacturing procedures
  • Maintaining contact with customers and suppliers to ensure quality standards for machinery and products are being met
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Manufacturing Engineer Job Description Examples:

What does a Manufacturing Engineer do?

A Manufacturing Engineer is responsible for improving the production process of products such as cars, food, or pharmaceuticals. They also maintain and repair machinery and other equipment used in the manufacturing process. A Manufacturing Engineer collects statistics and maintains budgets to help make decisions about how production processes can be made more efficient. When improvements or changes are made, they purchase and install new equipment, and provide advice on the technical aspects of new processes.

Manufacturing Engineer skills and qualifications

A Manufacturing Engineer has extensive technical knowledge in their field and is comfortable functioning in a leadership role when working with technical staff under their supervision. They may work a flexible schedule in a facility that runs 24/7. Some of the most important skills and qualifications required for the job include:

  • Thorough knowledge of how production lines and other manufacturing processes operate
  • Efficient problem solving skills
  • Excellent coordination skills to enable cooperation with technical staff and management
  • Ability to respond quickly to unplanned events or challenges, such as the breakdown of a machine
  • Effective communication and reporting skills for meetings with management to keep them informed of important developments

Manufacturing Engineer experience requirements

Entry-level Manufacturing Engineer positions often require candidates to have gained experience through internships and other forms of apprenticeship or in-school training programs. A Senior Manufacturing Engineer with greater responsibilities is expected to have several years of related work experience, and may also require additional professional certifications.

Manufacturing Engineer education and training requirements

A Manufacturing Engineer usually requires at least a Bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering, manufacturing engineering, electric engineering, or a related field. You may require applicants to have a master’s degree, which provides the Engineer with additional project management skills and technical knowledge.

Manufacturing engineers with eight years of combined education and work experience can obtain the Certified Manufacturing Engineer qualification from SME Canada. To take the exam, they must have at least four years of work experience.

Manufacturing Engineer salary expectations

According to Indeed Salaries, a Manufacturing Engineer earns an average of $71,906 per year in Canada. Salaries may vary based on factors such as company location and size, or the candidate’s previous experience and education.

Job description samples for similar positions

If a Manufacturing Engineer isn’t quite what you’re looking for, related job description samples include:

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Manufacturing Engineer job description FAQs

What should you look for in resumes for a Manufacturing Engineer job?

The most important thing to look for in candidates is that they are a certified Engineer in Canada. Engineers are required to be licenced by the regulatory body in their province or territory. International candidates will need to be qualified for consideration and apply for certification in your province or territory. After confirming that they are a certified Engineer, look for candidates that have manufacturing engineering experience and qualifications that meet your needs. The resume should demonstrate their successful application of engineering concepts in previous roles.

How can you make your Manufacturing Engineer job description stand out?

Provide an overview of the type of production your company engages in and the responsibilities a Manufacturing Engineer will have. Additionally, ensure that any qualification requirements, such as certification, are clearly specified in the job description. Providing a brief description of the company culture and career opportunities is also useful because it gives applicants a sense of where they will be working.

Can an Electrical Engineer work as a Manufacturing Engineer?

For most entry-level Manufacturing Engineer positions, graduates with a degree in an associated discipline can be hired, including electrical engineering. In the case that your role requires more experience, you may want to give preference to someone with a background in manufacturing. In some highly specialized roles where certification as a Manufacturing Engineer is required, an Electrical Engineer may not be qualified for the position.

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