Night Auditor Job Description: Top Duties and Requirements

A Night Auditor, or Hotel Night Auditor, is the first point of contact in late-night hotels. Their duties include acting as a Front Desk Agent, balancing accounts from shifts and assisting hotel guests with requests.

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Night Auditor duties and responsibilities

Night Auditors perform various duties and responsibilities in an organization. Some important tasks include:

  • Auditing, balancing, and verifying daily revenue documentation
  • Managing the hotel’s inventory of reservations, room assignments, and vacancies
  • Greeting guests, checking them into rooms, assisting with check-outs, and providing guests with important information
  • Answering phones, scheduling wake-up calls, and assisting with reservation requests
  • Responding to guest inquiries, complaints, and concerns
  • Balancing cash drawers, record errors, and reconcile receipts
  • Promoting hotel services and features
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Night Auditor Job Description Examples:

What does a Night Auditor do?

A Night Auditor handles customer service, administrative and some accounting duties during night shifts. They interact directly with guests in hotels, resorts and other establishments. Night Auditors work alongside Night Managers, Security Guards, Night Porters and other professionals who work night shifts. They may also work independently as part-time, full-time or contract employees.

Night Auditor skills and qualifications

A strong candidate for Night Auditor usually possesses qualifications in bookkeeping and accounting. Skills in hotel management and hospitality are useful, as an applicant is expected to anticipate the needs of a hotel guest and provide a pleasant experience. Other skills and qualifications which are useful in this position are:

  • Keen attention to detail and the motivation to work a night shift job
  • Computer literacy, mathematical skills and knowledge of word processing software
  • Ability to interact with customers from different backgrounds
  • Strong organizational skills and the ability to identify errors in records
  • Outstanding capability to handle stressful situations calmly and effectively
  • Excellent interpersonal skills

Night Auditor experience requirements

When looking for a Night Auditor candidate, first determine whether you need an applicant with years of work experience or you intend to provide on-the-job training. Experience in a similar position is useful, but Night Auditor roles are typically entry-level positions. You may also look for someone who can fluently speak or write in another language, such as French, Arabic, or Chinese, among others, as establishments often welcome international guests. 

Other experience requirements, such as knowledge of property management software, will vary depending on your organization’s needs.

Night Auditor education and training requirements

Typically, Night Auditors need a high school diploma to perform their duties and responsibilities. However, you may hire someone with more educational qualifications. An applicant with a degree in hospitality, business administration or similar fields may be an asset to your organization. You may also require an applicant to complete a two-year apprenticeship program or a college program in hotel management. 

Night Auditor salary expectations

According to Indeed Salaries, average pay for a Night Auditor in Canada is $15.89 per hour. Wages may vary based on experience, location and your company.

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Night Auditor job description FAQs

Who does a Night Auditor report to?

A Night Auditor typically reports to a Hotel Manager, who oversees all activities in a hotel. This professional assigns duties and responsibilities to a Night Auditor and provides them with performance reviews. If a Night Auditor experiences challenging tasks they cannot handle, they typically inform the Hotel Manager who handles the situation. 

What's the difference between a Night Auditor and a Hotel Front Desk Clerk?

Night Auditors and Hotel Front Desk Clerks perform similar duties in an organization. Although both professionals work at the front desk, they are different. Night Auditors act as a Front Desk Agent during night shifts. They also reconcile books, take reservations and perform other administrative duties. Hotel Front Desk Clerks usually work during the day as the first point of contact to hotel guests. Hotel Front Desk Clerks may perform additional duties such as reconciling accounts and processing invoices.

What should you look for in a Night Auditor resume?

When going through Night Auditor resumes, look for the highest level of education an applicant has. A guest service trade certification is a plus for an applicant. Check whether an applicant has work experience in a similar role or skills to learn on-the-job. A successful Night Auditor has strong bookkeeping and communication skills to perform their duties and responsibilities effectively. They are aware of the procedures to follow during emergencies and know how to perform clerical duties. 

How do you make your Night Auditor job description stand out?

Candidates typically look for organizations where they can learn new skills and gain relevant work experience. Consider including Night Auditor training sessions you intend to provide to an applicant. Also, include employee benefits and how your organization helps applicants achieve work-life balance, especially after working long shifts.

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