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How to Write a Treasurer Job Description Sample

A Treasurer, or Financial Controller, oversees all financial transactions and fundraising efforts going in or out of an organizing committee. Their primary duties include budget planning, financial reporting, record-keeping, and managing incoming and outgoing funds.

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What does a Treasurer do?

A Treasurer oversees the general financial management of an organizing committee. They plan and keep track of budgets within the organization, collect, deposit, and keep track of funds, write cheques, and provide financial reports regularly to fellow committee members. The Treasurer is a financial watchdog, ensuring the protection of the committee’s funds. The Treasurer is also responsible for reconciling bank statements, managing cash flow, and investing funds in accordance with the law. They may also help with fund-raising efforts to better the committee’s financial state.

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Treasurer Job Description Examples:

Treasurer duties and responsibilities

A Treasurer has a critical role in the committee responsible for managing finances for the institution. They may also work with a professional accountant to file taxes and to ensure the accuracy of finances. Some responsibilities a good Treasurer should be able to complete regularly in any industry include:

  • Manage incoming payments
  • Deposit received funds
  • Write outgoing cheques
  • Document all business financial transactions
  • Manage formal reports and company bank statements
  • Oversee and approve all financial plans or revisions to plans
  • Plan and ensure adherence to the pre-determined financial budget for the year
  • Ensure the protection of funds from any potential misuse by any other members of the committee

Treasurer skills and qualifications

To successfully manage this crucial role, an exceptional candidate should have strong analytical skill sets and basic accounting knowledge. Common qualifications to look out for in a candidate include:

  • Excellent organizational skills regarding documentation and file or record-keeping
  • Strong verbal and visual financial reporting skills
  • Exceptional ability to communicate complex financial information
  • Valuable time management and prioritization skills
  • In-depth knowledge of software tools used by the committee
  • Solid understanding of budget planning and finance
  • Substantial value for ethics and trustworthy operations
  • Experience using different methodical approaches for managing finances

Treasurer experience requirements

A good Treasurer will typically have at least three years of professional experience in finance or budget planning. Experience in accounting is also a valuable asset for helping with the management of your company’s finances. If your business is smaller, you may have shorter experience requirements for candidates.

Treasurer education and training requirements

An outstanding Treasurer candidate has a Bachelor’s degree in finance, business administration, economics, or another related discipline. A Master’s degree in finance or a business-related discipline is a strong asset to the position. In some cases, you may require the Treasurer to be bonded to ensure they will fulfill their duties ethically. Hiring a bonded Treasurer gives you additional assurance that your money is going to be properly and safely handled.

Treasurer salary expectations

The average salary of a treasurer is $83,860 per year. Individual salary numbers may vary depending on experience level or location. Please note this average is based on fewer than 100 reported salaries.

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Treasurer job description FAQs

What is the difference between a Treasurer and a General Counsel?

The primary duty of Treasurers is to manage the finances of an organization and keeping impeccable records of cash flow in and out of the establishment. They must also plan the budget and ensure the company or organization does not exceed it. Meanwhile, a General Counsel, also known as a Chief Legal Officer (CLO), has the primary duty of drafting contracts or agreements and ensuring the company is functioning in accordance with the law.

How to make a Treasurer job description stand out?

To make your Treasurer job description stand out, include all relevant details about your organization, its activities, or its values. Include the specifics of the job, such as what you expect the Treasurer to do day-to-day, and any potential travel requirements. Outline the type of financial qualifications and experience that you require or are seeking, and include any competitive benefits you offer along with the salary for the position. Be sure to include any specific financial or accounting software tools you’ll need your Treasurer to use.

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