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Software Engineer Job Description: Top Duties and Requirements

A Software Engineer, or Computer Software Engineer, is responsible for developing, designing, and creating software applications. Their main responsibilities are to design software, create software user manuals, and ensure the functionality of their software applications.

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Software Engineer duties and responsibilities

A Software Engineer has many duties and responsibilities across the board. Some common responsibilities any candidate should be capable of performing include:

  • Compiling user data to understand what the software will include
  • Developing integrated systems
  • Installing software applications
  • Troubleshooting software
  • Checking compatibility with various hardware devices and tools
  • Leading teams in the development of different aspects of software and computer applications
  • Developing maintenance procedures to encourage and ensure regular optimal productivity of the application
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Software Engineer Job Description Examples:

What does a Software Engineer do?

A Software Engineer develops critical software applications in a variety of industries such as aerospace, telecommunications, and computer information systems. They develop software plans, design the software, ensure it is functional, and test and troubleshoot their applications. They also develop user manuals to provide clients with the information needed to maximize the software. A Software Engineer creates software for computer operating systems and mobile applications. Additionally, they coordinate with other Engineers or professionals to develop software applications that can work across several platforms in varying industries.

Software Engineer skills and qualifications

A Software Engineer will have the necessary skills and qualifications to develop complex software applications and computer systems. Some of the common skills to look for in a successful candidate include:

  • Excellent technical knowledge
  • Strong communication skills, both oral and written
  • Exceptional team management skills
  • Keen eye for detail
  • Outstanding problem-solving skills
  • Strong research and analytical skills
  • Excellent knowledge of mathematics

Software Engineer experience requirements

A successful Software Engineer does not need to have previous experience in the field for a junior or entry-level position. However, experience as a Computer Programmer is considered an asset. A Software Engineer that will be leading a team of Engineers on projects is generally recommended to have at least five years of experience in the field.

Software Engineer education and training requirements

A Software Engineer usually should posses a bachelor’s degree in computer science, computer systems engineering, software engineering, or mathematics. In some cases, candidates may also have a master’s or doctorate in their related discipline. A Software Engineer candidate will typically also have completed a three- or four-year program to receive their certification as a Professional Engineer provided by the regulatory body in their respective province. This program usually involves on-the-job training.

Software Engineer salary expectations

According to Indeed Salaries, the average Software Engineer in Canada earns a salary of $80,211 per year. Salaries will vary based on factors like the job’s geographical location, the exact type of industry, and the candidate’s level of experience.

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Software Engineer job description FAQs

What is the difference between a Software Engineer and a Computer Programmer?

A Software Engineer is the one who develops and designs the actual software applications or systems. They handle the creation of the software from beginning to end, including the research and development phases of the production process. A Computer Programmer, in contrast, may also have excellent technical knowledge, but their role is to implement the software while following the procedures outlined by the Software Engineer. They are responsible for installing and maintaining the software.

What are the different types of Software Engineers?

Software Engineers can work in a variety of industries as they perform various roles. A Software Engineer can work as an Applications Developer, Game Developer, Web Developer, Systems Integration Manager, or Computer and Information Research Scientist. In each position, a Software Engineer can play a different role in the creation and development of software applications.

What qualities make a good Software Engineer?

A successful candidate will have the qualities necessary to perform in a wide range of industries. Candidates will demonstrate an eye for detail, a passion for technology, and the ability to work under pressure and on a tight deadline. There are many challenges along the path of development, so a candidate with strong problem-solving skills and a positive attitude is considered an asset.

Job Description Examples

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