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Porter Job Description: Top Duties and Requirements

A Porter, or a Baggage Porter, helps travellers carry luggage at airports, train stations, hotels, cruise ships, and similar establishments. Their duties include keeping baggage areas and other parts of the location clean and presentable to customers; transferring baggage on and off planes, trains, cars, or ships; and keeping accurate records of the luggage being transported.

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Porter duties and responsibilities

Porters finish tasks quickly so that companies can avoid travel delays and increase the number of passengers on each ride or flight. Many employers require a uniform and a name tag for Porters, and they sometimes train new employees. They help ensure that travellers are pleased while keeping costs as low as possible. The duties and responsibilities in a Porter job description may include:

  • Summoning taxis or other forms of transportation for customers, and loading their luggage for them when it arrives
  • Communicating with customers and resolving disputes when needed
  • Securing luggages inside cargo areas
  • Answering phone calls when needed
  • Unloading and parking vehicles for travellers
  • Checking rooms to make sure that guests have left upon the sound of a fire alarm or another emergency
  • Delivering unclaimed baggages to the correct area or department
  • Following appropriate safety and security precautions
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Porter Job Description Examples:

What does a Porter do?

Porters often work as part of a team of other people in the same position. They transport baggage quickly to make sure that travellers get to their destinations on time, and they help each other move large items when needed. Some Porters operate hand trucks, forklifts, motorized carts, and other equipment to transport luggage faster. Others clean rooms or cabins, wash dishes, empty trash, set and clear tables in dining cars, and take care of other related tasks. These versatile employees let people travel with their luggage quickly and easily.

Porter skills and qualifications

Successful Porters have the ability to work with a variety of people and personalities. They are professional, polite, and friendly, and they can quickly adapt to changing conditions while working on a schedule that often varies. They should also be willing to do physical work like moving boxes. Top skills and qualifications for Porters may include:

  • Good customer service skills
  • Good written and verbal communication skills
  • The ability to navigate large areas like airports and cruise ships
  • An understanding of how the company bills customers for transporting luggage
  • Knowledge of prohibited items, which animals and plants the company can transport, and other laws and regulations

Porter experience requirements

Most Porter jobs don’t require any experience, and many people start their careers as Porters. However, some positions require six months or a year of relevant experience.

Porter education and training requirements

Many Porter jobs do not ask for any formal training, but some require a secondary school diploma or a GED. Some Porter jobs also require a drivers’ licence or a licence to operate machinery like forklifts. On-the-job training is usually needed as well.

Porter salary expectations

According to Indeed Salaries, the average salary for a Porter in Canada is $17.58 per hour. Individual pay levels depend on experience and education levels, the location, and the company.

Job description samples for similar positions

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Porter job description FAQs

What are the day-to-day duties of a Porter?

Airports, train stations, hotels, and ships are usually open 24 hours a day, so Porters can work at any time. Porters spend most of their time on their feet transporting luggage by hand or using machinery to help them. Porters on ships and hotels often run errands and deliver room service to guests. They also sometimes operate shuttles services to transport visitors. While Porters often ride with customers on trains and ships, they don’t fly with people on planes. Part-time and full-time positions are available, and Porters can meet travellers from all over the world.

Who does a Porter report to?

A Porter usually reports to a Senior Porter, Supervisor, General Manager, Assistant Manager, or Shift Supervisor. Some Porters in smaller places report to the owner. Porters also follow the instructions of Receptionists, Gate Agents, Conductors, and other staff members. Many Porters work as a team with people in the same position.

Job Description Examples

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