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Product Marketing Manager Job Description: Top Duties and Requirements

A Product Marketing Manager, or Brand Marketing Manager, owns the messaging, positioning, and branding of products in the market. Their duties include training sales forces to sell products effectively, creating marketing materials for products, and developing tools to attract new customers and prospects.

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Product Marketing Manager duties and responsibilities

Usually, Product Marketing Managers work to build a product marketing message that sets the products apart from the competition. Other main duties and responsibilities of Product Marketing Managers include: 

  • Communicating the vision and benefits of new product releases to sales teams and developing sales tools to enhance the sales process
  • Planning and hosting launch events for new products and services
  • Briefing the press and PR teams on new product releases
  • Performing research through focus groups, surveys, interviews, and analysis of sales data
  • Working with product development teams to improve product features and establish product pricing
  • Create marketing content such as case studies, website copy, blog posts, and sales videos
  • Testing new products and services to gain a personalized experience
  • Researching competitor pricing, marketing content, and strategies
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Product Marketing Manager Job Description Examples:

What does a Product Marketing Manager do? 

Product Marketing Managers assist companies to deliver product news, discover ways to position the products in the market, and present messages that will induce a positive effect on their products and services. They also handle research on trending products in the market, establish the time scales for product releases, influence the product packaging and pricing, and participate in presentations and events.

Product Marketing Managers are the customers’ voice to the product development team. They perform thorough research to understand the customers’ needs and experiences and recommend improvements to increase sales. Product Marketing Managers often work in the private sector in companies that promote and sell products.

Product Marketing Manager skills and qualifications

Experienced Product Marketing Managers have excellent time management, communication, and interpersonal skills. Other key skills that candidates require to succeed as Product Marketing Managers include:

  • Excellent writing and communication skills, including copywriting and salesmanship
  • Industry-specific expertise and technical knowledge of a particular product or market
  • Deep understanding of sales methods and channels through which the products are marketed into
  • Ability to influence teams and customers
  • Ability to work collaboratively with sales, marketing, and production teams to meet customer needs
  • Presentation skills and the ability to explain marketing strategies to other teams in the organization
  • In-depth understanding of the business basics, revenue projections, business metrics, and financial planning
  • Excellent problem-solving skill and a passion to understand customer problems and devise solutions to solve them

Product Marketing Manager experience requirements

Product Marketing Managers are often required to have over five years of product marketing experience and at least two years of experience working directly with customers. Previous experience in public speaking, dealing with different people of various age groups, and writing can also be essential. Candidates must also have a background in design, market analysis, and web analytics using tools such as Google Analytics and WebTrends. Additional experience in creating effective marketing programs and event management are also essential.

Product Marketing Manager education and training requirements

Candidates with a bachelor’s degree in business management, business administration, communication, marketing or other related courses are preferable. Candidates with a master’s degree in business administration, communication or marketing usually have a competitive advantage over those that don’t. Those with a higher national diploma can also get the position if they have adequate experience and skills. Candidates must also continue with their education to build additional expertise in current market trends and platforms.

Product Marketing Manager salary expectations

According to Indeed Salaries, the average salary expectation for a Product Marketing Manager in Canada is $66,965 per year. Actual salary is dependent on experience, company, education and location.

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Product Marketing Manager job description FAQs

Who does a Product Marketing Manager report to?

Product Marketing Managers often report to the Senior Marketing Manager when dealing with the marketing of complete products. However, when dealing with new and very technical products, Product Marketing Managers will report to the Product Manager on improvements and changes.

What should you look for in a Product Marketing Manager job resume?

Product Marketing Manager resumes should highlight their interpersonal soft skills such as leadership, negotiation, teamwork ability. It should also clearly demonstrate marketing expertise. Look for candidates with previous working experiences in industries that match your company such as food and beverage, technology, or pharmaceuticals.

How can you make your Product Marketing Manager job description stand out?

A good Product Marketing Manager job description must mention the industry, type of products you produce, and your target audience. It should include information about the salary and any competitive benefits you’re offering. In addition to the duties and responsibilities, mention whether the candidates will have to find ways to source clients or if there are already a set of procedures that you use.

Job Description Examples

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