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Crew Member Job Description: Top Duties and Requirements

A Crew Member, also called a Restaurant Crew Member, helps a fast food or fast casual restaurant keep running smoothly. Their duties include preparing food, explaining menu items to customers, and keeping the restaurant clean.

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What does a Crew Member do?

Crew Members handle much of the routine work required in a fast-food restaurant, and they spend most of every shift on their feet. They might chop vegetables, operate deep fryers, answer questions from customers, handle customer transactions, and give people their food. These versatile employees are essential for keeping many restaurants running smoothly.

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Crew Member Job Description Examples:

Crew Member duties and responsibilities

Crew Members finish tasks quickly so that businesses can serve high volumes of customers. Many employers require a uniform, a hat, or a name tag for Crew Members to make them easily recognizable to customers. Crew Members help keep customers happy while maintaining a clean and organized working environment. Duties and responsibilities in a Crew Member job description may include:

  • Emptying the trash
  • Cleaning tables
  • Training new employees
  • Packaging to-go orders
  • Operating cash registers and other restaurant equipment like ice cream makers
  • Washing dishes and kitchen utensils
  • Communicating with customers and resolving disputes when needed
  • Refilling napkin, condiment, and utensil dispensers

Crew Member skills and qualifications

Successful Crew Members can work with a variety of people and personalities. They’re professional, they can adapt to changing conditions quickly, and work a schedule that changes often. They should also be willing to do physical work like moving boxes, mopping floors, cleaning tables, and standing for long periods of time. Some top skills and qualifications for Crew Members include:

  • Outstanding customer service skills
  • Excellent verbal and written and verbal communication
  • An understanding of basic math
  • An understanding of cleaning protocols, food safety precautions, and local laws and regulations

Crew Member experience requirements

Most Crew Member jobs don’t require experience, and many people work as Crew Members for their first jobs. However, some positions require six months or a year of experience.

Crew Member education and training requirements

Many Crew Member jobs don’t require any formal training, but some require a high school diploma. On-the-job training is usually required, and Canada requires FOODSAFE certification for anyone who works around food. This eight-hour course is available in person or online, and the certification lasts for five years.

Crew Member salary expectations

According to Indeed Salaries, the average salary for a Crew Member is $15.00 per hour. Individual pay levels vary, depending on experience, education levels, the location, and the company.

Job description samples for or similar positions

If a Crew Member isn’t exactly what your business is looking for, here are some similar job description samples:

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Crew Member job description FAQs

What are the day-to-day duties of a Crew Member?

Some Crew Members open the restaurant and get some of the most popular menu options ready for the first customers of the day. Then, they may take orders at a counter or drive-thru, prepare them, and bring them to customers. During the busiest hours, the Crew Members at some businesses spend most of their time delivering orders to customers. When it’s slower, they take care of routine chores. Crew Members usually wash dishes, mop, clean tables, and take out the trash before closing. Some restaurants are open 24 hours per day, and Crew Members can do their work at any time of day.

Who does a Crew Member report to?

A Crew Member usually reports to a Manager, Assistant Manager, or Shift Supervisor. Some Crew Members in smaller places report to an owner. They work with other team members and make some decisions by themselves, but they usually need the approval of the manager or owner before giving discounts, changing opening or closing times, asking an unruly customer or leave, or taking similar actions. Some Crew Members help Managers train new employees as well.

How is a Crew Member different from a Cashier?

Cashiers accept payments from customers, give change, and operate cash registers. They also keep the area around the register clean, and they work at retail stores and restaurants. Crew Members sometimes take care of the same tasks as Cashiers, but they have a wider range of duties. They work in the entire restaurant instead of just the area around the cash register.

What makes a good Crew Member job description?

A good Crew Member job description helps the people who read it decide whether their experience, values, skills, and education levels are good matches for the position. It attracts quality applicants, helping find hardworking, competent Crew Members faster, and reduce hiring costs. To write a great Crew Member job description, include an overview of your company and its culture. Candidates should also know what their duties will be and the skills, training, and experience level desired.

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