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Sales Associate Job Description: Top Duties and Requirements

A Sales Associate, or Shop Assistant, promotes the company’s products and services and helps to answer questions customers may have about the company’s activities. Their duties include helping customers make buying decisions, servicing existing customers, and overseeing purchase agreements.

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What does a Sales Associate do?

Sales Associates are part of the sales team. They are usually front-liners, meaning that they represent the voice of the business and are the first to interact with the customers. They help customers meet their buying needs. Sales Associates are also responsible for drafting and submitting periodical reports based on sales and other occurrences in the company.

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Sales Associate Job Description Examples:

Sales Associate duties and responsibilities

The duties of a Sales Associate may vary depending on the size of the company and the type of products or services they sell. Their main responsibility is to sell the company’s products and services and increase sales. They are also required to work with customer support and the operation teams to ensure customer satisfaction. Their other duties include:

  • Performing various administrative duties, such as preparing commission and expense reports, and conducting post-sale followups with the customers
  • Working with other employees to develop effective strategies to meet sales targets
  • Managing inventory by keeping records of available products
  • Processing sales transactions and sales contracts and receiving payments
  • Creating awareness and promoting special offers and loyalty programs
  • Managing client relationships through all the stages of the sales cycle
  • Ensuring that customers are fully satisfied with the services offered

Sales Associate skills and qualifications

Sales Associates represent the company and are required to promote the company’s products and services through excellent customer service. As an active advertiser of different merchandise, they should be good communicators. Top Sales Associates also have excellent relationship building skills, which are needed to interact with customers. Other skills also include:

  • Critical and analytical thinking to provide logical answers to customers’ questions
  • Empathy to understand customers’ needs
  • Knowledge of the current trends in the consumer goods sector
  • Understanding of basic mathematics to measure products, prepare invoices, and analyze sales data
  • Familiarity with digital technology and its applications in sales
  • Knowledge of management, finance, and business
  • Experience working under pressure

Sales Associates experience requirements

Sales Associate jobs are mostly entry-level, so a qualified candidate is required to have between one to three years of experience in sales or customer service. Since they act as a promoter of the company’s products and brand, one to two years of experience as a Marketer is often preferred. They should also be familiar with products and services in the industry they are interested in.

Depending on the job and the company, the Sales Associatess may also need more specialized knowledge and experience to help customers navigate the buyer’s journey. For more complex or expensive merchandise, some employers require candidates to have relevant experience in a similar industry or position. They may also be required to demonstrate their sales ability and knowledge of the product.

Sales Associate education and training requirements

As an entry-level position, a minimum of a high school diploma, GED, or its equivalent may be required. Some employers, however, ask that candidates have a bachelor’s degree in marketing, business management, or any other related field.

Because of the complexity of some merchandise, candidates may also be required to have professional certifications in the required field. To be a vehicle salesperson in British Columbia, for example, candidates are required to be certified by the Vehicle Sales Authority of British Columbia.

Sales Associate salary expectations

According to Indeed Salaries, the average salary for a Sales Associate is $15.01 per hour. However, salary may vary because of the location, experience, and the company.

Job description samples for a similar position

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Sales Associate job description FAQs

How can you make your Sales Associate job description stand out?

To make a job description stand out, start by summarizing the company’s mission and goals. List the specific duties and responsibilities required of the position, and include the benefits of working with the company.

What are the day-to-day duties of a Sales Associate?

A Sales Associate sells products and services in a retail environment. Their duties also include providing product information and ensuring a high level of customer satisfaction in the store. As the principal point of contact between the business and the customers, they are required to maintain a positive business relationship with the customers.

What should you look for on a Sales Associate's resume?

A well-written resume should list the skills, requirements, and experience relating to the job. A Sales Associate resume should describe the candidate’s ability to demonstrate product features, negotiate, and close sales. The resume should also highlight the candidate’s ability to follow up with customers. For prospective employees to qualify for a Sales Associate’s job, Employers should ensure that they demonstrate a higher understanding of consumer behavior and how trends affect customers’ buying decisions.

Job Description Examples

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