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Using Data from Performance Reports to Improve Job Listings on Indeed

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From the jobs tab of your Employer dashboard, you can generate dynamic performance reports to help you assess the effectiveness of your hiring efforts and ensure that you’re strategically allocating your recruitment dollars.

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There are four key insights that performance reports deliver:

  1. How many people see your job postings

Visibility is one of the first indications of a strong online recruitment strategy. Impressions refer to the number of times your job was shown in search results. Impressions data lets you know whether your job is visible to a steady stream of job seekers and if sufficient numbers of candidates are digging deeply enough into search results to see it. Low impression numbers could mean that your job is showing up too far back in search results or that your listing is missing the words that match with searches from relevant candidates. An increase in your job budget can boost your job’s visibility, and often, adjustments to your job title and description can ensure that great candidates find you more easily.

  1. How many candidates click on your jobs

Clicks and click-through rate (CTR) help you understand how many people are interested enough to click on your job when they see it. The CTR is the number of clicks to your job divided by the number of views your job has received. A low CTR could mean that your job title isn’t clear or compelling or that your role is harder to fill and may benefit from an upward adjustment in your sponsorship budget.

  1. How many people apply to your jobs

Another meaningful metric in assessing the success of a recruitment campaign is applies. Apply data is the final piece of the puzzle — it tells you how many people saw, clicked on and then applied to your jobs. Once you’ve achieved optimal visibility for your job and a CTR that indicates people want to know more, it is up to your job description to persuade job seekers that your job is compelling enough that they should apply. Follow some common-sense steps to make sure your description has all the details a great candidate would expect.

  1. How much you are spending

If you have promoted your listing as a Sponsored Job, you not only have access to data on the cost of your job post to date but also the cost per click (the amount you are spending each time a job seeker clicks) and the cost per apply (the amount you’ve spent as a function of the number of people who have actually applied to your job). Based on these results, you can make informed decisions about the optimal budget that each job requires. Finally, when you make a hire, the amount you’ve spent to promote it as a Sponsored Job is your cost per hire, a crucial metric that helps you compare Indeed to other recruitment tools for cost-effectiveness.

Our Client Services team is available to help you analyze your recruitment metrics and set budgets that are both effective and efficient.

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