How to Write a Job Description to Attract Quality Candidates

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As Canada’s #1 job site, we know how employers can connect with quality candidates.* Set your job posting up for success by creating a thoughtful job description before submitting it to Indeed. A great job description should include enough information for unqualified candidates to know they’re not a good fit and enough benefits to encourage qualified candidates to apply.


Help your potential applicants make an informed decision about your job posting by making sure your job description follows these four guidelines.



Be specific about required and preferred qualifications



Potential applicants look at the required and preferred experience to determine how qualified they are for a position. 


Once you’ve aligned with your colleagues on qualifications for the role, make sure that each qualification is clear and easy to understand. Use specific numbers when describing necessary years of experience for example use “3+ years” instead of a vaguer description like “some experience.”


If you’d like your candidates to be skilled in a specific tool, name which tool or skill you’d like them to have. The more specific you can be in your job description, the more qualified candidates you’ll receive.



Be open about salary



Include a salary range in your job description to let candidates know how they would be compensated. Quality candidates appreciate knowing they will be paid the industry standard for their position.


If you can’t include a salary range, you could also describe any advancement opportunities in your job description to let candidates know that they will be able to work toward more responsibility.



Promote your company’s culture



Let applicants know what it’s like to work for your company. Write this section using the language you would use to write to a coworker in an email. This will help your company’s true culture shine through.


A few key details to mention about your company’s culture include the work/life balance, benefits, vacation days, and how employees are evaluated for their work.


Be honest in your details but be careful not to overemphasize.



Don’t forget to include screener questions



Make sure you’re only spending time reviewing quality candidates by including Indeed’s free screener questions when you post your job. Screener questions can automatically screen out candidates that don’t meet your minimum qualifications, so you can spend time on the candidates that might be a good fit.


Learn all about how to add screener questions to your job posting or post your job on Indeed now.


A great job description can mean the difference between wading through hundreds of unqualified applications and 10 good ones. Take a moment to review your existing job descriptions today and update them with these tips!






*comScore, Total Visits, March 2019 


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