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We have recently upgraded your Employer Dashboard. Our new features make it easier than ever to manage candidates and track your hiring progress.


Now you can:

  1. View candidates whose experiences and qualifications match your job posts.
  2. Filter applicants by location, qualifications, assessments, and your interest level.
  3. Your dashboard now automatically updates candidates’ statuses based on your actions.


Here’s a list of frequently asked questions about the dashboard.


Candidate-related questions


How can I tell if a candidate has applied to multiple positions? 

To check what roles a candidate has applied to, check the Notes section of their Candidate Detail page, where you’ll find a list of all the jobs they’ve applied to within your company.


Where can I find my notes on a candidate? 

All saved notes are displayed on the right panel of the Candidate Detail page.


Where can I find all the candidates who’ve completed a job assessment? 

To see a list of candidates who’ve completed an assessment, simply filter your candidate list view by assessment activity by adjusting the filter options at the top of your view.


Can I export candidates for a specific job?

Yes. You can export candidates for a specific role from the Candidates page. 

  1. Choose a job 
  2. Select all candidates by selecting the checkbox on the top left
  3. Select “Export candidates”


Can I export candidates for all jobs? 

Yes. To export all candidates from Open or Paused jobs:

  1. Go to the Candidates page
  2. Select all candidates by selecting the checkbox on the top left
  3. Select “Export candidates”


To export candidates from a closed job: 

  1. Go to the Jobs page
  2. Select a job from the closed jobs list 
  3. Select the job title of the closed job you wish to export candidates from
  4. Select all candidates by selecting the checkbox on the top left
  5. Select “Export candidates”


How can I find a candidate for a past job? 

Enter the candidate’s name in the search field on the Candidates page, which will show you search results from all Open and Paused jobs. 


If the candidate you’re trying to find previously applied to a job that is now closed, visit the Jobs page, select closed jobs, and select a job title. On the resulting page, you can search the candidate list.


Look for search improvements in the coming months.


Job-related questions


How do I edit my job?

In the comfy view, the “Edit job” option is located next to the “Actions” button.

In the condensed view, “Edit job” is located below the “Actions” button. 


Can I change the status of my job?

Yes, you can change the status of your jobs at any time. To update the status of one job, simply select the status menu on the right-hand side of that job.


To bulk edit the status of multiple jobs: 

  1. Check the boxes on the left-hand side of the jobs you’d like to update. 
  2. From the “Set status” menu that appears on the right-hand side, choose the status you’d like to use for your selected jobs.


Where can I find my job details? 

You can access a job’s details by selecting either the job title or the “View job details” link available in the “Actions” menu on the job.


How do I filter my jobs? 

You can filter jobs by job title or by location. Select the X to remove filters when done.


How do I sort my jobs?

You can sort your jobs by the date the job was posted, job title, location, or job status. Just use the sort by options above the jobs list, on the right hand side. 


Where can I find performance reports and metrics? 

  1. Go to the Jobs page.
  2. Select the “Actions” button on the job you’re interested in.
  3. Select “See performance report” from the options.


In the performance report, you can view the performance of one job, a group of jobs, or all jobs. 


Where can I review my total monthly spend for all of my Sponsored Jobs?

To review costs towards Sponsored jobs, locate the “Sponsored Job billing” box in the lower right-hand corner of your Jobs page. This box includes your account’s monthly calendar spend across Sponsored Jobs. 


Where can I find my account-level budget?

If you have an account-level budget, you can access your budget information through the “Edit budget” link on the Sponsored Job box, located in the bottom right-hand corner of the Jobs page.



Where is my company page? 

To view your Company Page, select the person icon in the upper right-hand corner of your dashboard and then select “Company settings.”


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