Discover how workers in 11 countries feel about automation, evolving roles, DEIB+, training and skills, HR and TA in the age of AI, and more. 

Work in 2024 is hugely different from just five years ago. And, looking into the future, it’s clear further change is on the way. 

But instead of getting troubled by endless "what ifs," or repeating the frenzied hype about a ‘new working order’, we took this topic to the people. In partnership with YouGov, Indeed asked 16,671 real people what they thought, then sprinkled in the views of industry experts.

The result is “Tomorrow’s World: The Workplace and Workforce of the Future”, a report custom-made to help HR and TA leaders get ready for an uncharted, yet potentially exciting, future. 

Inside, you’ll learn what employees, managers, and HR decision-makers in 11 nations (Australia, Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, India, Italy, the Netherlands, Singapore, the United Kingdom, and the United States) have to say about things like:

  • How their role will change (both short and long-term), and whether they feel up to the challenge
  • The threats, and opportunities, posed by AI 
  • The relative strengths of humans and machines
  • The importance of skills and training, and exactly who is responsible
  • What role HR and TA will play in any future workplace
  • Whether organizations are doing enough for DEIB+, and how this might change

What’s more, the guide also sees automation leaders Peter Frase, Aaron Benanav, and Matt Burney separate fact from science-fiction; Elizabeth Isele explains why the future of work is multigenerational; and Ravin Jesuthasan makes the case for job-free workplaces.

Download “Tomorrow’s World: The Workplace and Workforce of the Future” today, and learn how your organization can plan for a better tomorrow.

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