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On December 7 2021, Indeed Canada held its second national English-speaking virtual IndeedWorks conference: Workplace Happiness within the Next Normal.

As the world of work changes, so do workforce expectations. The concept of happiness and wellbeing start coming to the forefront of employee expectation, and employers have to adjust accordingly to succeed in the new ways of working.

Here is a taste of what the presenters had to say during the event:

Rim Slaoui

Rim Slaoui, Recruitment Evangelist and former recruiter at Indeed, presented the ways changing workforce trends, such as remote work, can transform your talent acquisition and management strategies.

Here she talks about how remote work can help your diversity efforts:

“Remote work also has the potential to revolutionalize organizations from a diversity and inclusion standpoint with access to previously untapped talent pool" she says mentioning how you can increase your talent pool to include people from all over the world and across the ability spectrum.

If you'd like to learn more data-driven information about how they are impacting employee wellbeing and happiness, watch Rim's entire presentation here.

Janeane Tolomeo

The Indeed Work Happiness Score, was launched in Canada on November 9, 2021. Janeane Tolomeo, Senior Manager on the Lifecycle team at Indeed, was there from the very beginning of the Happiness Score project and saw it first launch in the United States before coming to Canada.

She explains why we felt it was important for Indeed to measure such a metric: "We believe that how people feel at work influences how they feel at home, and that thriving individuals contribute to thriving business".

Janeane also emphasizes that "We know that there is a business component to happiness" and that "happiness creates success and not the other way around", pitching how this can have a major impact on how you attract people.

To learn more about Indeed's Work Happiness Score, watch Janeane's full presentation here.

Dr. Jan-Emmanuel De Neve

Dr. Jan-Emmanuel De Neve is a professor of economics at the University of Oxford where he also directs the Wellbeing Research Centre. Invited as a guest speaker to the event, he makes the case for why Employee wellbeing is a need to have explaining its impact on productivity but also on talent attraction.

“Better work places will also be places that are more likely to attract talent and especially retain talent." and he further explains that talent that chooses to stay with your company longer has long-term impact on its success.

Get even more compelling data and info that highlight the need for employers to invest in their Employee Experience by watching Dr. Jan-Emmanuel's entire presentation here.

Adapting to the world of work of today

With the disruptions of the last two years, employee, candidates and employers alike are redefining what they want their world of work to be and happiness and wellbeing become more and more essential, not only for individual but also for company success.