Successful recruitment advertising starts with knowing the outcomes that are important to you. 

Of course, as an employer, your ideal outcome will depend on a number of factors—what jobs you’re hiring for, your timeline for hiring, and how much you’re willing to spend on job advertising, to name a few. 

We want to empower you to put your most important hiring goals at the forefront so you can deliver successful advertising campaigns and ultimately find and engage with the talent you need. This is why we’re excited to introduce objective-based campaigns, which will let you determine your recruiting goals and optimize for cost and applicant volume. 

Let’s dive a little deeper into what you can do with this new campaign experience and learn more about each campaign objective. 

A streamlined, efficient, and pain-free advertising experience

Indeed’s advertising experience, which reaches over 8.1M people through Indeed and Glassdoor,¹ helps you seamlessly plan, track, and execute your hiring campaigns to reach your ideal candidates. To make things even simpler, you will only need to visit one place to tap into our job advertising ecosystem.

Objective-based campaigns make up an important part of the Indeed advertising experience. With objective-based campaigns, you can first select the most important objective around which your campaigns should be optimized. For example, you might choose to optimize for the number of applies, the cost, or interviews. Our optimization technology will then automatically promote your jobs to the right channels, at the right time, for the right audience. 

This simplifies the recruitment advertising experience and allows you to get your job ads in front of the right candidates, freeing up time for you to focus on hiring the candidates who meet your needs.  

Choose the objectives that achieve your most important recruiting goals

You can choose from multiple objectives to hit your recruiting goals. You can optimize your campaigns by selecting from the following objectives:

Maximize applicant volume

Selecting the Max. volume objective enables you to deliver as many applicants as possible within a proposed budget. This option is recommended for a small group of job ads that are performing well. 

Take a balanced approach

Selecting the Balance objective optimizes equally for speed, quantity, and cost. While this objective is similar to Max. volume in that it aims to generate as many applies as possible, it also uses balancing to better distribute spend and clicks more effectively across all jobs within a campaign, leading to all jobs receiving a higher volume of relevant clicks and applies. 

Target a specific cost per apply

The Target cost per apply objective keeps you within a fixed budget by optimizing your campaign to hit a specific cost per apply. For example, this approach is ideal if you’re a staffing agency with tight margins that wants to hit its hiring goals. 

When targeting this objective, it’s recommended that you ensure you're working in a realistic range by reviewing typical costs per apply for roles in your market using your own historical data and proprietary Indeed tools.

Target a specific number of applies 

The Targeted applies objective allows you to set a target number of applies across jobs or at an individual job level. This option reduces wasted spend by redistributing spend to jobs that need it and stopping spend on jobs that have met your apply target.

This objective will ensure that your budget works to drive traffic to harder-to-fill roles within your campaign. When one job in a campaign reaches your application target, the remaining budget is reallocated to other jobs. This approach is most effective when we have a clear idea of how many applies you need to make a hire, based on past hiring data. 

With a range of campaign objectives to choose from, you'll be able to seamlessly plan, track, and execute hiring campaigns of all sizes to hit your recruiting goals. Log into your Indeed account to see the new campaign features for yourself, or contact your Indeed representative to learn more.