Indeed commissioned a research on job seeker behaviours to understand the recent global changes in the labour market affecting several industries across the USA, Canada, the UK, France and Germany. We found concepts around work, career, and life priorities were all affected, for both workers and employers (the W+E Workforce)

In this report, we share global findings and actionable insights surrounding key industries to help HR leaders succeed in this new labour market as recruitment and retention are being redefined by the W+E movement.

Download the full report to understand more about the two-way conversation that needs to happen between workers and employers as well as what we’ve learned from the five countries surveyed regarding: 

  • Redefining the modern workforce
  • What is driving new worker expectations
  • What today’s workers want
  • Reaping the benefits of empowered employees

This data-based analysis aims to prepare both workers and employers for the future of work.