As an employer, you need all the help you can get to stand out from the crowd and get more job seekers to see your open roles. The labour market is tight, and job openings abound — in fact, there were roughly 1.7 job openings for every unemployed US worker in December 2021. So what can you do to reach more relevant job seekers and find the talent you need quickly? 

You can reach candidates through Indeed’s new Trusted Media Network, a multi-channel advertising feature available as part of Indeed’s advertising experience. By advertising your jobs using the Trusted Media Network, you can reach a wider audience of relevant candidates both on and off Indeed and get open roles in front of more candidates faster, all within the Indeed advertising experience. 

Let’s learn more about how the Trusted Media Network works and how this new advertising feature will change your hiring experience with Indeed. 

What is the Trusted Media Network, and how does it work?

Indeed’s Trusted Media Network is the newest core feature of Indeed’s advertising experience, following the launch of objective-based campaigns last fall. The Trusted Media Network is our network of 100+ specialized, vetted media partners,1 expanding job advertising beyond just Indeed and Glassdoor. 

“Together, Indeed, Glassdoor, and the Trusted Media Network make up the main channels for your recruitment marketing campaigns on Indeed,” said Ryan Batty, Indeed’s VP of Global Enterprise Marketing. 

How is this different compared to advertising on Indeed before? While previously, employers might advertise jobs on Indeed or Glassdoor alone, the Trusted Media Network lets you automatically advertise your roles to Indeed, Glassdoor, and our 100+ media partners — allowing you to reach a broader audience and deliver hard-to-find, specialized candidates quickly and seamlessly.  

Depending on which roles you’re promoting and how your job advertising campaign is performing, we can determine whether or not to enable the Trusted Media Network. You can do this for any campaigns to which you wish to deliver additional job seekers. Once the Trusted Media Network is enabled, Indeed automatically delivers your job ads to the most relevant network partners based on information such as location or job type, with no selection of individual partners needed. Then, Indeed automatically uses your existing campaign budgets to deliver relevant candidates from the Trusted Media Network to you.

Reach a broader audience, find specialized candidates, and efficiently spend your advertising budget

Indeed and Glassdoor already have tremendous reach to job seekers, with over 80% of US online job seekers visiting Indeed or Glassdoor.2 The Trusted Media Network will make your job as an employer easier, allowing you to access an even broader group of candidates. 

If you don’t receive the traffic you need through Indeed or Glassdoor, you can use the Trusted Media Network to advertise your jobs and reach previously unavailable candidates, hard-to-find candidates, and new audiences. 

Beyond helping you reach more candidates and find specialized talent, the Trusted Media Network is a great use of your job advertising budget. You can get to candidates in a more strategic, targeted way, and Indeed’s advertising technology improves the efficiency of your campaign spend by optimizing the traffic to your open jobs. 

Batty perfectly sums up the benefits of the Trusted Media Network: "If you want your open jobs to reach more relevant candidates and need to make the most of your time and budget, the Trusted Media Network will help you reach a broader group of candidates, deliver relevant candidates to your jobs, and make the most of your campaign budget, all through one experience.”

Take the next step with Indeed’s Trusted Media Network

The Trusted Media Network leverages the reach of Indeed, Glassdoor, and our network of vetted media partners, and it is available to all employers who post jobs on Indeed. 

Wondering if any of your open roles on Indeed might be right for the Trusted Media Network? If you are interested in learning more, reach out to your Indeed representative. Your representative can make the best recommendations for advertising your roles through the Trusted Media Network and help you get started without any additional training or monitoring on your part. 

If you don’t yet have an Indeed representative but are interested in advertising your jobs using the Trusted Media Network, connect with our sales team to learn more. 

1 Indeed data (worldwide)

2 Comscore, Unique Visitors, May 2021. Job seeker cross-visit rate set at 3X non-job seeker rate