The Work Happiness Score and work happiness survey are now the Work Wellbeing Score and work wellbeing survey, respectively. Learn more and access our most up-to-date resources.

Following last year’s launch of the Indeed Workplace Wellbeing Score and the research supporting the program, Indeed continues to be committed to measuring and understanding wellbeing in the workplace. With the launch of the Work Wellbeing 2022 Insights Report for Canada, we continue to refine our understanding of wellbeing for Canadian workers, its different dimensions – of which happiness is a core element – and how it benefits individuals, businesses, and society in general. The research is again supported by Prof. Jan-Emmanuel de Neve Professor of Economics and Director, Wellbeing Research Centre, University of Oxford who has helped us distill and explain our findings. Go deeper into the results of the following insights:  

  1. Work wellbeing as an expectation
  2. The impact of stress (and the different types of stress)
  3. Wellbeing as a business strategy 

Read more about these takeaways as well as data-supported recommendations for businesses by downloading the full report.