What to Expect When Posting Your Job on Indeed

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At Indeed, we want you to spend more time vetting candidates and less time navigating our job posting process.


Below, we’ve outlined five things you should know before posting your job.



Posting your job typically takes 10 minutes or less


Once you’ve gathered all of the information you need for your job posting, submitting your job post to Indeed typically takes 10 minutes or less.



Your job should go live on our site within a few hours


After you submit your job’s details, we process your job within a few hours. 


If this is your first time posting on Indeed, this process may take longer. We vet your company to make sure the opportunity you’re posting is a legitimate job opportunity. In these cases, your job should go live within 24 hours of submission.


Once your job is live on our site, candidates will be able to apply immediately.



We’ll email you the resumes you receive


We want to make sure that you can respond quickly to great candidates, so we send you an email with your applicant’s resume. When you post your job, you have the option to receive an email every time you get an application or a daily email summary.


You can view your applicants in your Employer Dashboard on your Candidates tab. Don’t forget to write notes about the candidate or mark them as a Yes, No or Maybe to remember your thoughts.



Your job posting will fall back in search results over time


We display jobs to job seekers based on how long ago they were submitted to our site. The first day your job is live on Indeed, it will appear towards the top of relevant search results. As time goes on, your job posting will fall back in search results.


If you decide to sponsor your job, this will not happen. Sponsored Jobs receive optimal placement and don’t fall back in search results over time.



We’ll pause your job after 30 days


If your standard job has not been paused or closed already, we’ll pause your job after 30 days on our site. (This does not apply to Sponsored Jobs.) A paused job does not appear in search results. We’ll send you an email to verify that this position is still open, and you are actively looking at applications.


If you’re still searching for the right candidate, go to the Jobs tab of your Employer Dashboard to change the status of your job from Paused to Open. Once the status has been changed to Open, your job will begin appearing in search results again.


If you have any questions about job posting, explore our employer help centre, if not, anytime is a great time to benefit from posting your job on Indeed.





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