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Indeed’s candidate management tool (via the Candidates tab on the Employer Dashboard) helps you organize and manage your hiring pipeline.


It’s a hub; a single place to gather and keep all of your applicant information so you can filter it according to your preference, without the additional task of creating spreadsheets and/or a folder system.


We’ve heard from other employers like you that candidate management saves them time, allowing them to focus on hiring their most qualified candidates.


Manage candidates effectively and efficiently


As applicants show up on your candidate dashboard, they’ll be assigned a status. This saves you time. Then, you can use status assignments and filters to focus on the candidates best suited for your role. Let’s explore, at a high level, how this Indeed tool can help you:


  • Go to the Status dropdown menu (the filters and applicants will show up) 
  • Filter candidates according to where they are in your hiring process
  • Apply filters to candidates for any and all jobs that are open, paused, or closed. 

This employer view shows the different statuses that may be assigned to candidates. 

This employer view shows the different statuses that may be assigned to candidates.



Save time and hire better with filters


Filters save time and help you organize your candidate search. When you apply them, your highest-quality applicants will populate your screen, front and centre. This way you can review them quickly and reassign statuses.

You can filter applicants by:

  • Location
  • Assessment status
  • Screener Question status *
  • A simple yes – √, maybe – ?, or no – X
  • Application date
  • And if you opted into Employer Assist, those who are expiring soon

* Applicants whose answers do not meet your required criteria will be marked as Rejected. These candidates will not be notified of their application status unless you send them a response via one of our easy-to-use templated email updates.



Applicant status

Using Status to organize applicants and save time


Applicants can be assigned one of 6 statuses:

  • Active
  • Awaiting Review
  • Reviewed
  • Contacted
  • Hired
  • Rejected

As a bonus, when you review and reassign a candidate, your hiring coworkers will receive one of the following notifications:


Awaiting Review

Applicants who show up in your dashboard will automatically be assigned this status. Each applicant marked as a yes – √ or maybe – ? will be moved to the Reviewed status.



Once your candidate has been reviewed, you can record your thoughts and impressions as a Note. From there, you can also reach out to set up a time to talk or let them know where they stand (using one of our templates).



Once you’ve started contacting candidates, you can change their status to note that as well. This status is helpful as you phone screen, set up in-person interviews, or send status updates.



You can also mark a candidate as Hired. This way you’ll have a historical record of every candidate you’ve hired using Indeed AND can measure ROI over time.



We’ve provided a template that allows you to thank applicants for their effort while letting them know you won’t be moving forward with them at this time. Job seekers really do want to hear back from employers either way. Use Indeed’s templated email to provide job seekers with closure so they can move on to their next application with a sense of certainty. This kind of communication also supports your credibility as a company.

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