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Assessing candidates for a job can be challenging with just a resume. Add a skills test to your job post with Indeed Assessments, so you can be confident in your applicants’ abilities. When you add a skills test to your job post, Indeed sends the applicant the test when they apply. Then filter applicants from your Employer Dashboard based on their score. 


Here’s how you can use skills tests to organize your hiring process.



Choose which skills you want to test for 



Indeed’s library of skills tests ranges from industry-specific skills like accounting to general aptitude tests like critical thinking.


With numerous skills tests designed by experts, easily find a test to suit your needs.



Add the test to your job post



Step 1 – Go to the Jobs tab of your Employer Dashboard and select “Edit Job” under the job title of your position. Scroll down to the heading “Select Assessment Types” and click on the “Edit” button next to it. From there you can select the test you’d like to send to all of your candidates. 


Step 2 – Select from our list of premade tests or make a custom test. It’s easy to choose from the wide range of premade, expert designed tests for skills such as cognitive and psychometric, computer skills, industry specific skills and language.


These skills tests vary in length and complexity based on the topic and its relevant industry. Most of the test modules take about 10 minutes for the candidate to complete. 



Filter candidates based on their scores



Once a candidate has completed the test, their score will be available in your dashboard within minutes. Then, you can sort your applicants based on their scores and make an informed decision about who to move to the next step of your hiring process.


When you use skills tests to evaluate candidates, you allow candidates to put their best foot forward. The process also removes some subjectivity from the hiring process, making it easier for you to find the best fit.


Indeed’s hiring tools don’t end at skills tests. Try using screener questions to help find the right fit.





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