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Indeed search results are made up of both free and sponsored job listings. Free listings fall back in search results as new jobs are added. Sponsored Jobs remain optimally displayed in relevant search results for as long as they are sponsored. Sponsored Jobs are priced on a pay for performance model, with charges incurred only when interested job seekers click on a Sponsored Job.


To sponsor a job on Indeed, specify a “daily budget”, which is the average amount you’d like to spend per day to promote your job. There are no contracts, so you can stop sponsoring or change your budget at any time.


There are three important things to understand about daily budgets:


Actual daily spend will vary


Your actual daily spend will vary depending on the number of clicks received on the job. For example, when your jobs are shown more often, your cost on any one particular day might be more than the average daily budget selected above. Your daily budget is the average you’ll spend per day over the course of a month if you run your job for an entire calendar month.


Daily budgets are based on averages 


When you choose a daily budget, we multiply your daily budget times the average number of days in a month (30.5) to determine your maximum monthly budget — you won’t spend more than this amount in a given month. For example, if your daily budget is $10.00, you’ll spend a maximum of $305.00 for the month ($10 daily budget x 30.5 average days per month). However, you may spend $8.00 on one day and $12.00 on another. Your maximum monthly budget is prorated when you start in the middle of the month. In this case, your daily budget is multiplied times the remaining days in the month to calculate your maximum monthly budget.

Daily budgets recur automatically until you stop them

Your job will continue to be sponsored on Indeed until you stop it. You will only be charged for clicks received on the days your job was posted. You can stop at any time, by changing the status of your job to “paused” or “closed.”


If you need help setting or adjusting a budget for your Sponsored Job, watch the How to Choose a Simple Budget video or contact our Client Services team.

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