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How to Write a Writer Job Description Sample

A Writer, or Staff Writer, composes a variety of content for publications by expressing ideas through text. Their primary duties include researching topics, completing interviews, writing engaging material, and making edits based on client or editor feedback.

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What does a Writer do?

A Writer may write a book, screenplay, article, manual, essay, script, speech, or other forms of content. They handle fact-checking their sources and ensuring all written content is factually correct. A Writer may research extensively, cross-reference other written materials, or adhere to style guides based on the type of writing they do. They put together content that is engaging and informative for the reader.

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Writer Job Description Examples:

Writer duties and responsibilities

Regardless of the type of content being written, some of the most common duties and responsibilities of a writer in any domain include:

  • Research and investigate topics of interest
  • Interview credible sources
  • Fact-check information before publication
  • Get permission from sources to quote or mention them
  • Produce quality content tailored to a specific audience
  • Develop and maintain relationships with media outlets, sources, and other key individuals
  • Respect and follow deadlines
  • Revise their work based on editorial feedback

Writer skills and qualifications

A successful Writer candidate has some of the following skills and qualifications:

  • Passion for writing
  • Excellent interviewing skills
  • Great time management skills
  • Exceptional research and analytical skills
  • Strong understanding of SEO and other online content practices
  • Excellent ability to produce engaging content
  • Exceptional communication skills
  • Strong marketing skills

Writer experience requirements

Writer candidates with previous experience creating the same type of content you need are an asset, since they would require minimal training. Internship experience with a media outlet or university newspaper is considered experience for recent graduates. However, requesting a portfolio of published or unpublished works from candidates is also a good way to assess their skills. This approach allows you to assess if the candidate matches the tone and stylistic approach that your company wants in a Writer. Strong candidates should have some by-line content in their portfolio.

Writer education and training requirements

A successful Writer candidate has a bachelor’s degree in journalism, creative writing, communication, or a related discipline. Marketing Writer positions may require a bachelor’s degree in business or marketing, while a Technical Writer may need a degree in their specific field. There are currently no required certifications or educational requirements for writers in Canada. However, candidates with education or membership in a union or professional association are an asset.

Writer salary expectations

According to Indeed Salaries, the average Content Writer in Canada earns an average salary of $54,352 annually. Salaries vary based on geographical location, publication, type of content, and level of experience. For example, the salary for a Freelance Writer may be lower than that of the salary for a Writer working full-time at a national publication.

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Writer Job Description FAQs

What is the difference between a Writer and a Technical Writer?

A Writer is a broad term but refers to someone who writes articles, books, screenplays, scripts, or essays professionally. They may report on several topics, and their style of writing may be informative or have an entertaining tone, based on the audience they want to reach. A Technical Writer is a Writer with a specialization in an industry such as engineering or medicine. They are qualified to write on these specific topics and are familiar with industry jargon. They are often responsible for writing industry-specific content.

What qualities make for a good Writer candidate?

Writing is a vast field. A job description should include the type of content the Writer is responsible for, the quantity of content expected on a weekly basis, and the pay scale. A competitive salary and the mention of additional employee benefits or privileges make the job description stand out.

How can you make a Writer job description stand out?

There are many types of writing. A Marketing Copywriter creates catchy and engaging content that sells, while a Technical Writer writes specialized technical content. An Essay Writer focuses on extensive research-based topics, and a Journalist writes about news-related topics assigned by their media outlet.

Freelance Writers may write for a combination of outlets and may earn a living on a per-piece basis. They might pitch their ideas to a publication before creating content. Writers may write for websites, publications, social media, manuals, pamphlets, and more.

Job Description Examples

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