Ultrasound Sonographer Job Description: Top Duties and Requirements

An Ultrasound Sonographer, or Ultrasound Technician, uses ultrasound equipment to capture internal images of various parts of the body. Their duties include operating ultrasound equipment, processing images, and communicating results to medical professionals.

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Ultrasound Sonographer duties and responsibilities

An Ultrasound Sonographer must have a good understanding of how ultrasound equipment works and how to use it for imaging. Their duties and responsibilities include:

  • Recording and reviewing the medical history of patients
  • Preparing patients for ultrasound imaging tests and ensuring the clinic room is clean
  • Explaining the procedure to patients 
  • Using ultrasound machines to produce images of an area of a patient’s body
  • Processing, reviewing, and analyzing results of images with other medical professionals
  • Writing and updating test reports for each patient to help medical professionals with diagnosis
  • Cleaning and maintaining specialized equipment after testing procedures and performing quality checks on them
  • Attending sonography training sessions and conferences to stay current with best practices
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Ultrasound Sonographer Job Description Examples:

What does an Ultrasound Sonographer do?

An Ultrasound Sonographer uses ultrasonic imaging machines to create and record images of organs, blood vessels, and tissues. Their job also involves helping a physician diagnose medical conditions from digital images. They work in clinics, hospitals, diagnostic testing centers, and other medical facilities. Ultrasound Sonographers can either perform general imaging tests or specialize in areas such as adult echocardiography, breast sonography, and musculoskeletal sonography.

Ultrasound Sonographers are typically full-time and, like many healthcare professionals, may be required to work shifts. They may also work weekends and holidays depending on the opening hours of the facility they work in. They collaborate with Physicians, Surgeons, and Nurses and interact directly with patients in a medical facility.

Ultrasound Sonographer skills and qualifications

An Ultrasound Sonographer is an essential part of the diagnostic imaging team. They need to have a good mix of interpersonal skills and technical skills to succeed in their role, including:

  • Ability to communicate effectively with patients and other medical professionals
  • Excellent interpersonal skills to make patients comfortable
  • Keen attention to detail when conducting tests and analyzing results
  • Problem-solving and critical-thinking skills to evaluate captured images
  • Strong technical and customer service skills
  • Ability to keep a patient’s medical history confidential
  • Time management skills to handle multiple patients during working hours

Ultrasound Sonographer experience requirements

An Ultrasound Sonographer candidate must have practical experience performing sonographic imaging and dealing with patients. When looking through resumes, search for candidates with at least three years experience in a similar role. They must also be familiar with how to use various ultrasound diagnostic equipment and understand how to interpret and analyze medical images. Candidates may also have experience in entry-level healthcare roles while they completed their education and training.

Ultrasound Sonographer education and training requirements 

An Ultrasound Sonographer candidate must have a certificate in ultrasound technology or diagnostic medical sonography from a recognized three- or four-year program. Alternatively, they can have a certificate in a related medical field from a two- to three-year program and a one-year post-diploma in medical sonography from an accredited institution.

Ideal candidates will be members of the Canadian Association of Registered Diagnostic Medical Ultrasound Professionals. Members of the American Registry of Diagnostic Medical Sonographers are also good candidates for the role because they will have equivalent qualifications.

Ultrasound Sonographer salary expectations

According to Indeed Salaries, average pay for an Ultrasound Sonographer in Canada is $38.42 per hour. This depends on the hiring company, its location, the applicant’s expertise level, and their area of specialization.

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Ultrasound Sonographer job description FAQs

What are the qualities of a successful Ultrasound Sonographer?

A successful Ultrasound Sonographer is tech-savvy. They are willing to learn how to operate computerized instruments and ultrasound equipment. They must also be passionate about analyzing medical images of internal body parts. 

Who does an Ultrasound Sonographer report to?

An Ultrasound Sonographer reports to a Physician or the Head of Diagnostic Imaging. Ultrasound Sonographers are assigned patients and share their reports of a patient’s medical test with these professionals.

Is an Ultrasound Sonographer a Medical Doctor?

An Ultrasound Sonographer is not a Medical Doctor. They cannot provide medical advice or diagnose patients from the results of medical imaging tests. Their role is to conduct internal imaging tests and communicate the results to medical professionals.

What is the difference between an Ultrasound Sonographer and a Radiologic Technologist?

Ultrasound Sonographers and Radiologic Technologists perform similar roles in a medical facility. However, there are a few differences between these professionals. A Radiologic Technologist works with technologies that use X-rays, radiation, computed tomography, and magnetic resonance imaging (MRIs). Whereas an Ultrasound Sonographer specializes in using equipment that uses high-frequency sound waves to produce internal images.

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