Supervisor Job Description: Top Duties and Requirements

A Supervisor, or Team Manager, is an individual who oversees a company’s employees and monitors their day-to-day performance. Their duties include managing a specific team or department, organizing employees to ensure optimum productivity, and interviewing and screening potential employees. 

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Supervisor duties and responsibilities

A Supervisor’s primary goal is to ensure the group of employees under their supervision perform well and get the feedback they need to address any areas of improvement. Their duties and responsibilities include:

  • Creating team schedules and delegating tasks to ensure proper workflow 
  • Continuously monitoring employee performance and identifying areas of improvement
  • Establishing company goals and objectives for employees, and ensuring their performance is in line with those
  • Assessing employee performance and providing performance reviews to human resource and senior managers 
  • Ensuring team members meet deadlines for key projects and tasks 
  • Addressing any concerns or issues identified by team members
  • Screening and assessing new candidates
  • Providing training and overseeing the orientation of new employees to get them up to speed on the policies and procedures within the company
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Supervisor Job Description Examples:


Example 1

About Us: Talize is a proudly Canadian owned and operated national for-profit retailer offering quality resale apparel and housewares at unbeatable prices. As Canada’s newest and most unique shopping experience we offer new, like-new, and vintage items all under one roof. That means fantastic deals on brand names and designer fashions, and housewares! Duties and : Leadership Support the Retail Floor Manager by coordinating the efforts of Retail Floor Team Members to ensure daily department standards are achieved. Assist the Retail Floor Manager with the selection, screening, interviewing, hiring, and onboarding of Retail Floor Team Members. Lead in the training of Retail Floor Team Members in point of sale operations, customer service, merchandising, loss prevention, company policies and recovery duties – among other tasks. Work as an integral part of the management team by providing support, attending meetings and sharing information. Employee Relations Support the Retail Floor Manager with providing direction to Retail Floor Team Members regarding company policies and procedures. Recognize and report Retail Floor Team Member policy infractions to the Retail Floor Manager and General Manager. Assist in the implementation of employee recognition programs and events. Health and Safety Monitor all register areas, the retail floor, fitting rooms and washrooms to ensure they are kept in an organized and clean manner in accordance to company housekeeping standards. Take precautionary measures and follow company guidelines against external and internal theft. Take appropriate action when external and internal theft occurs. Provide a safe workplace environment by identifying and properly removing any hazards and reporting hazards to the General Manager and Joint Health and Safety Committee. Immediately report and document employee or customer accidents to the Retail Floor Manager or General Manager. Departmental Routinely complete floor walks to determine priorities and delegate tasks to Retail Floor Team Members. Accurately handle all register transactions including exchanges, refunds, cancellations, tax exemption, etc. Promptly provide pricing verification for merchandise when tags are missing or when a price is in question at the register. Ensure that all customer needs are addressed, such as: answering customer inquiries, solving customer complaints, and processing customer transactions in a timely manner. Inspect register areas and the retail floor to verify they are stocked, and merchandise is properly sorted. Manage store funds securely and process cash deposits in a timely manner. Assist the Retail Floor Manager with the preparation and execution of sale days. Other Duties Maintain professionalism while communicating with peers, managers and customers. Collaborate with store management to ensure operations and production work as a team toward the same goals - this may include sharing some between the two departments. Responsible for opening and closing the store. Perform additional job-related duties as requested by the Retail Floor Manager or General Manager. Experience: 2+ years of experience working in retail. 1+ years of experience in a leadership role. Previous work in a thrift retail environment is considered an asset. Core Competencies: Customer Oriented- Provide creative approaches to improve customer experience. Attention to Detail- Monitor the store to ensure that team members have maintained a visually appealing store, through the proper displaying of merchandise. Job Recognition- Recognize when to escalate appropriate or specific situations to the Retail Floor Manager. Reliability- Shows commitment, dependability and accountability in one's work, and follows through on all designated tasks and projects regardless of interruption. Team Building- Work to develop, maintain, and promote positive working relationships within the Retail department to promote inclusivity. Communication- Be clear and articulate when speaking to a group or an individual, assuring that the intended message is fully comprehended. Physical Requirements: Ability to stand and walk for the duration of shift. Constant bending, reaching, and using hands for repetitive actions. Lifting and carrying items up to 50lbs without assistance throughout shift. Pushing and pulling merchandise containers on wheels weighing up to 500lbs. Work Environment: Exposure to dust — all of designated shift. Exposure to periodic temperature fluctuations and noise levels. Work schedule hours will include days, evenings, weekends and holidays. Interaction with customers, clients and the public at large. Talize Inc. is an equal opportunity employer and is committed to fostering an inclusive, accessible environment, where all employees and customers feel valued, respected, and supported. If you require any type of accommodation, please let the hiring manager know, and we will work with you to meet your needs.

What does a Supervisor do?

A Supervisor is a lower-level manager who has authority over a specific group or team assigned to them. Supervisors can have different titles, including Program Monitor, Area Coordinator, Team Manager, or Foreperson. They guide employees and provide instructions to perform daily tasks, and are also responsible for monitoring and ensuring their progress. Supervisors report to their supervisor lead and write reports about any employee issues, downtime, and input data on the computer.

A Supervisor ensures the maximum productivity of the employees they manage, whether it is for a particular project or during a particular shift. In addition, a Supervisor can also play an important role in assessing and interviewing new candidates, and helping them become familiar with the work environment and important tasks. 

Supervisor skills and qualifications

A Supervisor should have the experience and the skills required to manage the department or team assigned to them. Some examples of Supervisor skills and qualifications include:

  • Leadership and team management skills
  • Attention to detail
  • Problem-solving and decision-making skills
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Knowledge and expertise about their industry 
  • Time-management and organizational skills
  • Ability to instill positivity within a team and keep them motivated  

Supervisor experience requirements

The ideal candidate for a Supervisor’s role should have experience in the particular industry for which they are being hired. A Supervisor should be familiar with industry practices, techniques, and equipment to supervise others effectively. Previous leadership experience in a similar role or a related field is preferable. Current employees can be considered for the role or invited to apply for promotion to Supervisor, as they have the advantage of being familiar with the company and industry.

Supervisor education and training requirements

Look for candidates with a bachelor’s degree in business management or a related field. However, a candidate without post-secondary certifications can be well-suited to the role if they have industry-specific or leadership experience. Some industries require specific certifications and may consider only those candidates who meet their requirements. 

Supervisor salary expectations

According to Indeed Salaries, average pay for a Supervisor in Canada is $19.83 per hour. Wages may vary depending on the candidate’s experience, the company location, and the industry.

Job description samples for similar positions

If a Supervisor is not quite what you’re looking for, some other job description samples that may fit your needs include:

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Supervisor job description FAQs

What qualities make a good Supervisor?

A good Supervisor would ensure a smooth workflow and optimum productivity from their team members. They should also be good team players with excellent interpersonal skills. Supervisors often have to adhere to strict deadlines. Therefore, time management and close monitoring of key tasks are essential. They should also have excellent leadership skills to ensure the team remains motivated and productive while helping their team develop skills. 

Who does a Supervisor report to?

A Supervisor is a lower-level managerial position, and they report to senior management personnel, which could be a Manager, a Director, a Vice President, or the CEO. If it’s a smaller business operation, a Supervisor may directly report to the company’s owner. 

What makes a good Supervisor job description?

A good job description for a Supervisor should specify the required industry experience. It should also list out any certifications or industry-specific training or knowledge that would be essential. Supervisors are in a leadership position, and they may manage an entire project or team, so it’s helpful to include the size of the team or the number of projects they’ll be responsible for. The job description should also highlight any other skills or expertise required, depending on the company’s size and type. Some industries require candidates to have knowledge about team management, as well as fluency in working with collaboration tools to organize and manage workflow.

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