Sous Chef Job Description: Top Duties and Requirements

A Sous Chef is responsible for contributing to the planning of the menu and food preparations for a restaurant, café, health care institution, hotel, or other establishments. Their main responsibilities are preparing food, ensuring all necessary food ingredients or tools are ready for use, and assisting with smooth food service operations.


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Sous Chef duties and responsibilities

A Sous Chef has many important tasks to maintain the food service of the establishment. Regardless of the hiring establishment, here are some of the main duties and responsibilities of a Sous Chef:

  • Planning the menu and preparing food items, which includes specialty or seasonal offerings
  • Estimating needed supplies and filing up orders accordingly
  • Coordinating the work flow and schedules of other kitchen staff members
  • Training staff and introducing new cooking practices to the team
  • Preparing and cooking offered dishes


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Sous Chef Job Description Examples:


Example 1

Company Description* Now open at York Mills Shopping Centre, Babel is bringing a delicious spark of live fuel cooking and warm hospitality to the neighbourhood. Open daily for lunch and dinner, as well as weekend brunch, this upscale casual restaurant invites guests to enjoy a colourful array of Mediterranean fare. Featuring a bright and airy atmosphere, a 10-seat bar and two beautiful private dining spaces, Babel can accommodate everything from spontaneous weekday lunches to vibrant celebrations among family and friends.* *What’s in it for you?* * Competitive wages/salary packages * Gratuity sharing * A comprehensive group benefits program * Training and development opportunities * Staff dining discount * RRSP matching program Job Description Our Sous Chefs have a proven track record of cooking in a demanding environment as well as experience in recruiting, training, development and overall management of their cooks. Our Sous Chefs are hands on with cooking and managing their teams. *Primary Duties & * * Communicates the restaurant's vision to all team members and leads by example. Reinforces the O&B values daily and inspires the team with his/her exciting vision for the restaurant's future. * Consistently monitors kitchen operations and cleanliness * Builds and maintains relationships with team members and front of house management alike * Follows proper ordering, inventory and receiving procedures * Shows leadership in creating a culture that revolves around the experience and enjoyment of food and cooking * Demonstrates high personal integrity, business ethics and takes every opportunity to promote the restaurant * Conducts recruitment and selection, training and development initiatives as well as performance management and employee coaching * Uses and problem solving skills * Other duties as assigned Qualifications * Previous Sous Chef or Chef de Cuisine experience in a similar environment * Passion for food & culinary excellence * High level of integrity * Discipline and vision * Ability to build and nurture relationships; strong team leadership and interpersonal skills * Reputation for paying fanatical attention to detail * Drive and takes initiative * Exceptional communication skills with all levels of the organization * Performs well in a performance based culture * Is very hands on and motivates by setting the example Additional Information* Compensation Includes: * Base salary, gratuities, dining allowance, uniform allowance, benefits, & additonal perks ** We thank all applicants for their interest in Oliver & Bonacini Hospitality; however, only suitable candidates will be contacted to continue the application process. ** Job Type: Full-time

What does a Sous Chef do?

The Sous Chef works out the menu plan and other food-related activities of the establishment. They efficiently prepare food, replenish food stocks, and guide the staff to ensure that all food preparation protocols are respected. The Sous Chef is responsible for ordering from suppliers and ensuring the kitchen is equipped with all necessary tools. Additionally, they see to it that only the highest quality of food is to be served. The Sous Chef takes charge of planning the menu items as well, including specials of the day and regular options. 


Sous Chef skills and qualifications

In addition to being a fantastic cook, there are many skills and qualifications needed to work in a busy kitchen. Some of the essential qualities a good Sous Chef candidate should have in order to be most effective at running the kitchen team and performing well on the job include:

  • Excellent ability to multitask
  • Excellent knowledge of various cuisines and cooking techniques
  • Strong organizational skills
  • Excellent ability to work under pressure
  • Good communication skills for recruiting and training new staff members
  • Excellent teaching abilities
  • Good leadership skills


Sous Chef experience requirements

The Sous Chef must have several years of experience in professional kitchens and commercial food preparation. 


Sous Chef education and training requirements

A Sous Chef must have completed culinary school and have received a Chef’s Trade Certification from the province in which they are applying for work. A strong candidate would also have certification from the Canadian Culinary Institute of the Canadian Federation of Chefs and Cooks (CFCC).


Sous Chef salary expectations

According to Indeed Salaries, the average salary for a Sous Chef is $18.70 per hour. Pay range is based on factors like geographical location, level of experience, and type and size of the establishment.


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Sous Chef job description FAQs


What is the difference between a Sous Chef and a Chef?

A Sous Chef is in charge of planning and preparing set and flexible menu options for the establishment. They are responsible for training and managing the team of chefs and other kitchen staff members. On the other hand, the Chef works below the Sous Chef. They have less experience and are usually interested in learning from the Sous Chef to better develop their skills.


Do Sous Chefs have different responsibilities in different industries?

Yes. A Sous Chef in a medical facility may have to focus their attention on developing a menu that does not conflict with the health concerns of the patients. Depending on the clientele, the Sous Chef may need to plan a menu that is free of a particular ingredient, such as gluten, since the meals are not hand-picked by the patients. A Sous Chef in a hotel or restaurant caters their menu to the clientele they have, which can be vastly different. The clients choose their own meals, so the Sous Chef may be much more creative in their offerings.


What makes a good Sous Chef job description?

A good Sous Chef job description will outline the hours required, the number of customers the establishment generally serves, and the size of the staff to manage. Clear, concise, and detailed job descriptions always engage better quality candidates. A good job description sample will also include the mention of a competitive salary and any employee perks offered.


What are the day-to-day duties of a Sous Chef?

A Sous Chef assigns Cooks to different types of food preparation, prepares food, orders food and kitchen utensils, acquires proper kitchen appliances and tools needed, negotiates with suppliers, develops a deep understanding of the clientele, and comes up with creative new additions to the menu regularly. Other establishments might require additional tasks from Sous Chefs depending on their industry demand and daily functions.

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