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Shipping Clerk Job Description: Top Duties and Requirements

A Shipping Clerk, or Shipping and Receiving Clerk, is responsible for keeping track of all materials, stock and equipment that is shipped in and out. The main duties and responsibilities of a shipping clerk include inventory reporting, verifying and approving shipments (outgoing or incoming) and loading or unloading of materials.

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What does a Shipping Clerk do?

A Shipping Clerk can be employed by commercial or industrial firms in both the public and private sectors. They ensure that inventory is up-to-date and incoming materials are properly stored. They are one of the people also responsible for the loading or unloading of materials coming in or materials to be shipped out. The Shipping Clerk should also verify all incoming shipments to ensure the correct products have come in. They are responsible for ensuring orders being shipped out are sent with the correct materials.

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Shipping Clerk Job Description Examples:

Shipping Clerk duties and responsibilities

There are several daily duties required of a Shipping Clerk. Some common tasks expected of a Shipping Clerk in any industry include:

  • Keep secure records of ingoing and outgoing inventory
  • Pack and unpack materials
  • Maintain quality control of goods by verifying incoming and outgoing shipments
  • Supervise and manage warehouse workers to ensure goods are packed, labeled and stored properly
  • Schedule shipments
  • Prepare and/or sign off on shipping documents (i.e.: bills of lading, invoices, etc.)
  • Report any damaged stock or equipment to superiors
  • Ensure warehouse workers safely dispose of leftover packing materials or hazardous waste

Shipping Clerk skills and qualifications

A successful Shipping Clerk candidate will have an excellent understanding of warehouse inventory and management, and experience leading a team. Other skills and qualifications include:

  • Valid driver’s license and/or certification to operate a forklift or other machinery in the warehouse
  • Experience in warehouse work or inventory recording
  • Have some basic clerical knowledge or experience

Shipping Clerk experience requirements

An ideal candidate for a Shipping Clerk position will have experience in a warehouse setting. They should also have experience with shipping, receiving, inventory collection, and using computer software necessary to create invoices, packing slips and bills of lading.

Shipping Clerk education and training requirements

A Shipping Clerk generally requires a high school diploma and a valid driver’s licence. They may also need to hold a valid certificate for operating transportation vehicles, depending on the industry.

For warehouses dealing with hazardous products, the Shipping Clerk may also require certification to work with and dispose of hazardous waste, from governing bodies such as Transport Canada and the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety (CCOHS).

Shipping Clerk salary expectations

According to Indeed Salaries, the average hourly rate for a Shipping Clerk is $16.98. Wages may vary by employer, industry, experience and location.

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Shipping Clerk job description FAQs

How can you make your Shipping Clerk job description stand out?

A Shipping Clerk job description stands out when detailed information is provided in a clear and concise way. Applicants need to know the size of the organization, the typical number of ingoing and outgoing shipments on a daily basis, and know which reporting software the company uses. The mention of a competitive salary and employee benefits or privileges also helps the job description stand out.

What should you look for in a Shipping Clerk resume?

Look for candidates with experience as a Warehouse Worker or something similar on their resume. Strong candidates highlight their skills and qualifications like relevant certifications and experience using forklifts or other factory machinery. Candidates whose resume details experience with customer service may be preferable.

What is the difference between a Shipping Clerk and a Warehouse Worker?

The Shipping Clerk handles the quality of incoming and outgoing goods. They manage the shipping department and the employees within it, and provide inventory reports for upper management. The Warehouse Worker is supervised by the Shipping Clerk. They are responsible for storing materials and reporting back to the Shipping Clerk, who gives final approval, creates the shipping documents, and arranges shipments.

What qualities make a good Shipping Clerk?

A Shipping Clerk should have certain qualities like excellent organizational skills, management skills, and digital technology skills. An excellent candidate for a Shipping Clerk position has experience on the warehouse floor, is easily adaptable, has a proven ability to work independently and lead a team and manage inventory discrepancies.

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