Service Manager Job Description: Top Duties and Requirements

A Service Manager, or Automotive Service Manager, operates an efficient automotive service department. Their duties include leading a team of service technicians and support staff, ensuring the service department follows safety policies and procedures, handling customer interactions, and maintaining the training and performance of Service Technicians.


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Service Manager duties and responsibilities

A Service Manager is hired by an automotive company to oversee its service department. They set the standard for customer satisfaction by creating good working relationships with customers needing a vehicle repair or service. They manage a group of Service Technicians and stay up-to-date with new tools and equipment. Service Managers play a vital role in their department, ensuring every customer receives high-quality service repairs. Other duties and responsibilities may include: 

  • Attending safety meetings to ensure the service team abides by safety policies and procedures
  • Mentoring the service staff by promoting an environment where they can grow and excel in their craft
  • Performing administrative duties such as communicating with vendors, greeting customers or answering phone calls to schedule service appointments
  • Managing a team of Service Technicians and Advisors
  • Developing a working knowledge of industry laws and regulations to ensure their service department is in compliance
  • Maintaining customer relationships to ensure repeat customers by handling customer concerns in a timely manner


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Service Manager Job Description Examples:


Example 1

Service Manager Job Description Tesla’s Service Managers are the leaders of our service teams. In this role, you will be responsible for delivering an impeccable service experience to each and every Tesla customer while preparing Tesla Service teams to meet the needs of our Model 3 customers and beyond. Expectations and Responsibilities: · Our Service Managers must deliver excellent results and achieve goals quarter after quarter, month after month, on all aspects of customers, people, operations, and financials. · Customer focused: Our customers are changing the world, and it is your responsibility to exceed their expectations of what a service experience should be. We expect you to go above and beyond for our customers. You will actively monitor customer service trends to make necessary improvements, and assist your team in developing appropriate standards and processes to continuously elevate the overall service experience. · People: Our Service Managers lead by example. We expect you to put your team’s success before your own, and actively involve yourself in your team members’ growth and development. Your team will look to you to set the standard for open communication, active problem solving, and a positive work environment. We will look to you to build a team of top talent and mentor the next generation of Tesla leaders. Our Service Managers are the coaches of their teams – you must provide regular coaching and feedback, and have a deep knowledge of your team’s strengths and opportunities. You will be responsible for leading change and inspiring your team every day. · Operational excellence: As a Service Manager, you must understand and own every aspect of your service center’s performance. You will be responsible for driving continuous improvements to facilitate exceptional team output and customer service. We expect you to champion safety, efficiency, quality, and overall excellence in all of your actions and decisions. · Financials: Service Managers are expected to understand our business, know their numbers and lead the center’s daily operations to achieve specific goals in productivity, quality, output, cost as well as revenue / margin where applicable. · Our Service Managers act in the best interest of Tesla at all times. You must have a passion for our mission, our people, and our customers. · Technical acumen is required – you must develop a knowledge of all Tesla products, as well as Service systems, processes, and procedures. · Attitude and approach is everything. You must: · Be a leader and a team-player. · Love to change the status quo and work well in high-pressure situations. Exceptional prioritization and time management skills are essential for success. · Be strategic and proactive. You must think and plan ahead to give your team the tools they need to be successful. · Be self-aware, flexible and open-minded. · Possess a rare combination of analytical thinking, hands-on problem solving, and a customer-service mindset. · Be an advocate for your customers and your team. Your success depends on theirs. General Requirements: · Educational experience: Bachelor’s degree or equivalent professional experience. · Professional experience: Prior leadership experience in a service-focused industry. Automotive expertise is not required. · Leadership experience: Experience leading teams and managing a diverse group of roles and · Process / operations experience, strong and proven experience leading field, technical repair or manufacturing teams in a fast-paced, environment with strong customer facing Experience running complex processes using Lean or other techniques.

Example 2

Our dealership has an immediate requirement for an experienced Automotive Service Manager to join our team. In this key role, you will be responsible for managing all aspects of our Service Department to successfully achieve customer satisfaction, revenue and profitability objectives. Responsibilities - Lead successful Service Department operations by: building, managing, motivating and retaining a strong Service team; establishing processes and standards to ensure customer satisfaction and efficient operations; controlling costs; gaining new service customers while retaining existing customer base - Instill dealership/brand loyalty by ensuring an exceptional customer service experience for all customers - Handle escalated customer complaints - Actively manage and improve on all measured performance indicators, including gross sales, profitability, loyalty, CSI - Manage a high performance team of Service Advisors and Technicians - Maintain highest possible standards of workmanship and safety - Keep up to date and ensure the same for all staff by completing all relevant training within manufacturer’s and trade guidelines - Liaise and manage positive working relationships with manufacturer’s representatives - Oversee administration of warranty claims in compliance with manufacturer’s policies and procedures Qualifications - Minimum 3 years Service Management experience as an Automotive Service Manager or Assistant Manager with a proven track record in both service and customer satisfaction - Knowledge of CDK is an asset. - Proven leadership skills with the ability to motivate a team to achieve results - Able to work as part of a results-oriented and customer-focused dealership team - Strong interpersonal, written and verbal communication skills - Detail oriented, highly organized, and able to multi-task effectively in a fast paced environment - Possess sound automotive technical background with a strong knowledge of repairs, product and automotive parts - Ability to handle and resolve customer issues or concerns promptly and professionally A notice to all applicants – we have diligent processes in place to prevent the spread of covid-19 for the safety of both our customers and staff. All new hires are required to understand and abide by our policies for mask usage, distancing protocols and sanitation routines, which are subject to change at any time. Our mission is to allow customers and employees feel confident and safe when coming to the dealership. Job Type: Permanent Benefits: * Extended health care Schedule: * Monday to Friday * Weekend availability COVID-19 considerations: Please see for more info. Work remotely: * No

What does a Service Manager do?

A Service Manager leads a service department in the automotive industry. They oversee the business and administrative aspects of a company’s service center. Service Managers monitor the performance of the service staff, train new hires in their department, and manage the service department’s operating budget. A Service Manager also maintains harmony and promotes teamwork within the service department and with other company departments. In addition, they create a marketing plan to promote the business, ensure the department’s compliance with manufacturer warranties and policy procedures, and establish a positive and professional relationship with customers to encourage their return or the chances of them providing the company with a referral.


Service Manager skills and qualifications

To be a good Service Manager, candidates should be strong communicators and good problem solvers. The candidate should have the ability to lead a service team while ensuring quality customer repairs and satisfaction. They use their industry knowledge and management experience on a daily basis. Other skills and qualifications required may include: 

  • Extensive knowledge of industry standards and best practices, including details about the company and manufacturers
  • Good time management skills to handle all service or customer problems that arise on any given business day
  • Customer service skills to resolve complaints efficiently and encourage repeat customers
  • Teamwork skills to encourage the collaborative performance of the service team
  • Verbal and written communication skills to effectively interact with customers and the service team


Service Manager experience requirements

Service Managers usually have at least two years of previous working experience in the automotive industry as an Automotive Service Technician, Mechanic, or Automobile Service Advisor. They also generally have prior management and sales experience in order to succeed in their role. 


Service Manager education and training requirements

While a post-secondary degree isn’t required, some Service Managers obtain a degree in automotive technology management. It also helps if they have at least two years of training in the automotive industry, as well as managerial experience. Service Managers may also obtain a certificate to further their education and knowledge in this field. For a Service Manager role, candidates should have studied course topics like industry communication, business planning, technician supervision, customer service, and sales. Holding a degree from a program with similar coursework sets them up for the greatest success in this position. 


Service Manager salary expectations

According to Indeed Salaries, the average salary for a Service Manager is $71,708 per year. This salary may depend on experience, location, and education. 


Job description samples for similar positions

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Service Manager job description FAQs


What makes a good Service Manager job description?

A good Service Manager job description includes all the relevant details regarding the open position. It needs to summarize the job’s main duties, qualifications, and the required skills. It also needs to include information about the company such as its mission, culture, and the employee benefits it provides. Like other job descriptions, a Service Manager job description should also include details regarding the salary range and who the person in that position reports to.


What qualities does a Service Manager need to have?

One of the main qualities a Service Manager needs is the ability to serve their customers. This involves having a positive attitude, a willingness to serve, and both multitasking and organizational skills. It’s also important to have technical knowledge and exceptional people skills with the ability to delegate tasks and remain empathetic toward every member of the service staff.


What should you look for in a Service Manager resume?

Service Manager resumes should highlight their managerial experience and automotive industry knowledge. Service Manager candidates need to demonstrate their ability to lead a team through excellent organizational skills, analytical thinking and effective problem solving.

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