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Sales Manager Job Description: Top Duties and Requirements

A Sales Manager, or Sales Consultant, leads a team of other employees at a store, warehouse, office, or call centre to meet sales goals. Their duties include suggesting products to customers, offering useful upgrades when needed, and promoting company merchandise or services.

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Sales Manager duties and responsibilities

Sales Managers serve business or retail customers. They help create marketing and advertising strategies, resolve complaints from customers, and ensure that employees follow company policies and regulations. Sales Managers also motivate employees. Meanwhile, some of the other duties and responsibilities that Sales Managers will need to complete in order to excel include:

  • Managing employees, including sales team members
  • Researching ways to penetrate new markets
  • Training new employees to use company software and successful sales techniques
  • Resolving disputes between employees
  • Developing new sales strategies
  • Analyzing sales statistics to determine the performances of different products and salespeople
  • Using software to record sales and monitor employees
  • Communicating with customers, department heads, and a variety of other individuals
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Sales Manager Job Description Examples:

What does a Sales Manager do?

Sales Managers hire and train team members, set sales quotas for individuals, and develop sales processes. They may also choose to incentivize staff with prizes, cash bonuses, gift cards, extra vacation days, celebrations with team members, or other rewards for top performers.

Sales Manager skills and qualifications

The best Sales Managers are friendly, cheerful, and professional. They can work with a variety of people and personalities while adapting to changing conditions and unexpected obstacles. A Sales Manager should be able to set reasonable sales goals and teach employees how to achieve them. Successful Sales Managers also need to be able to lead by example, demonstrate sales techniques, take care of a variety of tasks, and follow all company policies. They plan ahead to maintain good sales. Top prerequisite skills and qualifications for Sales Managers include:

  • Outstanding customer service skills
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Leadership skills
  • Organization and time management skills
  • The ability to use sales software and other sales tools

Sales Manager experience requirements

Most Sales Manager jobs require three to five years of sales experience and at least a year of experience as a manager. Some companies will consider top salespeople without management experience for the role, but they’ll still need to be familiar with the company’s regulations, products, preferred sales techniques, and software. Other businesses prefer Sales Managers who have more than 10 years of sales experience and more than three years in a management position.

Sales Manager education and training requirements

Many Sales Manager jobs require a bachelor’s degree in business, marketing, communication, business administration, or a related field. Some companies prefer candidates who have a master’s degree, and many organizations require on-the-job training as well.

Sales Manager salary expectations

According to Indeed Salaries, the average salary for a Sales Manager is $21.87 per hour. Individual pay levels depend on education levels, experience, the company, and the location.

Job description samples for similar positions

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Sales Manager job description FAQs

What's a typical day like for a Sales Manager?

Sales Managers spend some of their time writing reports and keeping records of commissions so that the company can pay salespeople accurately later. Employers may also ask them to speak with customers who have complaints. They also attend meetings often. Depending on the industry, Sales Managers may work during regular office hours although some may work longer hours.

Who does a Sales Manager usually work with?

A Sales Manager usually reports to a Regional Sales Manager or the head of the sales or marketing department. In some organizations, the owner, CEO, or board of directors supervises the Sales Manager directly. Sales Managers also collaborate with product development, finance, and other department heads. In some cases, employers also expect Sales Manager to manage sales teams who may be telecommuting for the job.

What are some different types of Sales Managers?

There are many different types of Sales Managers. These include Administrative Sales Managers and Field Sales Managers. An Administrative Sales Manager sells multiple products and coordinates with other departments. On the other hand, a Field Sales Manager assigns sales territories. He or she reports to the Administrative Sales Manager. Because of the nature of their work, employers may allow Field Sales Managers to telecommute for work.

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