Retail Store Manager Job Description: Top Duties and Requirements

A Retail Store Manager, or Store Manager, provides management and day-to-day oversight of a retail store. Their duties may include leading a team of staff, opening and closing the store, and keeping track of financials and merchandise.

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Retail Store Manager duties and responsibilities

To succeed as a Retail Store Manager, applicants need to be responsible and have an acute attention to detail. They have important tasks to manage and execute to run the store successfully, including:

  • Overseeing inventory by working closely with vendors
  • Creating protocols to protect the store, including theft management
  • Adhering to health and safety protocols and policies
  • Constructing a schedule for employees and manage their time off, sick leave, and time tracking
  • Developing holiday promotions to drive traffic to the store 
  • Managing financials, including bank drop-offs, for the entire store 
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Retail Store Manager Job Description Examples:


Example 1

*Position Purpose* Act as liaison between store and General Manager, clearly communicating and reporting on store business and staff. Manage and promote all aspects of the business; including but not limited to buying, pricing, sales, merchandising, loss prevention, training and managing staff. With strong leadership, promote a high level of customer service and continually strive for innovative solutions and alternatives in bettering the business. *MAJOR AREAS OF Responsibility* *1.*Meet or exceed financial goals, focusing on sales and overall profitability. *2.*Maintain controllable expenses within established guidelines. Process billing, invoices and related documents to ensure vendors and service providers are paid within the appropriate time frame. *3.*Drive sales through the development of staff; focusing on coaching, training, and role modeling desired behaviors. *4.*Support and execute all buys as per directed process efficiencies. Manage all customer buys to ensure we maintain productivity and profitability standards. *5.*Promote and role model a culture of positive customer service to everyone, every day. *6.*Maintain merchandise and visual presentation standards on a daily basis. *7.*Recruit, hire, and train associates for all store positions. Create and oversee staffing and scheduling, implement individual development plans, set productivity and performance standards for each associate. Complete and deliver associate performance evaluations in a timely manner. Create and maintain an environment of consistent and continuous coaching. *8.*Ensure all inventory functions are completed as directed, including regular inventory counts. Receive merchandise and ticket in a timely manner. If needed, follow the appropriate back stocking recommendations. *9.*Establish and maintain operational and monetary controls. Prepare daily bank deposits and perform daily/weekly auditing tasks. Reports any discrepancies, theft, or suspected theft by employees or customers to the appropriate parties immediately. *10.*Other duties as assigned. *Additional requirements/skills needed: * * scheduling for 20-25 employees * approving time sheets * minimal paperwork (filing, labeling, staff folders, flyers, posters etc.) * handling customer service issues * managing our social media outlets (3-4 posts/day), which involves taking pictures, flat lays and videos * merchandising displays * plan, organize and execute store events * strong knowledge of current trends and brands for teens and *Required Education, Skills and Qualifications* *1.*High School Diploma or GED required. 4 year degree in Business or Retail Management preferred. *2.*2+ years prior management and supervisory experience, plus 3 years retail sales experience, preferably in similar merchandise lines. *3.*Strong leadership, organizational skills, and time management skills are critical. *4.*Proven customer service skills and strong interpersonal communication skills required. *5.*Sales and goal oriented. *Physical Requirements* *1.*Ability to stand and walk for long periods of time, up to 8 hours per day. *2.*Lifting up to 40 lbs. without assistance. May involve heavier lifting with assistance of team member or cart/dolly. *3.*Bending, rotating, and reaching customary to a retail environment; including receiving, pricing, and stocking/back stocking merchandise. *4.*Exposure to typical retail environment conditions and noise levels. *5.*Able to operate a computerized sales terminal. *Company Profile* Who are WE? We're a fashion forward Buy and Sell clothing and accessory store that carries NEW and USED items. We're catered for teens and selling all the latest trends and brands 50-70% off retail prices. We are way different than your average &;Thrift Shop&; because we: * pay CASH on the spot * buy and sell mall branded clothing and accessories * look for recently trending styles [website] IG Job Type: Full-time Benefits: * Casual dress * Company events * Dental care * Extended health care * Flexible schedule * Paid time off * Store discount * Vision care Schedule: * 8 hour shift Education: * Secondary School (required) Experience: * retail management: 1 year (preferred) * Management: 2 years (preferred) Work remotely: * No

What does a Retail Store Manager do?

A Retail Store Manager is an integral member of the operations of any retail store. They work closely with the owner of the store to ensure day-to-day operations are in order. Managing a team of staff requires an understanding of retail best practices, confidence, responsibility, and adherence to policies and protocols. The role of a Retail Store Manager may vary depending on the size of the store, as it dictates the amount of staff they need to manage, volume of customers, and the amount of staff scheduling. 

Retail Store Manager skills and qualifications

To be a successful Retail Store Manager, candidates will need to have a variety of existing skills and qualifications, including:

  • Computer skills, including spreadsheets, databases, scheduling software, financial or payment software
  • Excellent customer service insight, with a friendly demeanour and attitude
  • Ability to lead a team towards a common goal, like monthly financial targets
  • Organization and scheduling skills to manage multiple team members’ availability and desired hours
  • Experience with budgeting and financial tools 
  • Proven history of training employees and guiding them towards success

Retail Store Manager experience requirements

Retail Store Managers require extensive experience in a retail environment. At a minimum, if they do not have direct experience with retail, they can have experience as a Manager in another sales or customer service-focused industry like hospitality. Ideally, a candidate will have been a Manager or Assistant Manager at a retail store in the past. These transferrable skills make them well-qualified to take on a role as a Retail Store Manager.

Retail Store Manager education and training requirements

While there is no specific degree required for a Retail Store Manager, a variety of programs could benefit this role. If your store is in the fashion retail industry, a candidate with a bachelor’s degree in fashion merchandising or fashion communications is well-qualified. Likewise, if hiring for a sports retail store, a candidate with a bachelor’s degree in a sports-related field is an asset. Studies in business, marketing, sales, and communications may also be relevant. 

Additional certifications related to retail or customer service are a plus. For example, candidates who have a membership with the Canadian Customer Service Association are likely to have great customer service skills.

Retail Store Manager salary expectations

According to Indeed Salaries, the average income for a Retail Store Manager in Canada is $20.64 per hour. Wages depend on the size of the store, the store’s location, and a candidate’s previous experience.

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Retail Store Manager job description FAQs

What is the difference between a Retail Store Manager and an Assistant Retail Store Manager?

A Retail Store Manager is the highest person in the chain of command at the store, aside from the Owner or District Manager. All employees at the store report to the Retail Store Manager. The Assistant Retail Store Manager helps the Retail Store Manager with their duties and has more junior staff reporting to them. 

Do Retail Store Managers have different responsibilities in different industries?

While Retail Store Managers will have similar roles across different industries, there may be a few differences depending on the products the store sells. For example, an electronics store requires a Retail Store Manager to have in-depth knowledge of tech and electronic goods. For boutique clothing stores, Retail Store Managers may be responsible for sourcing new products from different designers. And in large department stores, for example, they may need to manage smaller teams that specialize in completely different areas from kitchenware to furniture.

What are the day-to-day operations that a Retail Store Manager oversees?

On any given day, a Retail Store Manager manages various tasks or duties to ensure the store runs smoothly. The Retail Store Manager needs to create budgets and schedules for the week ahead. They may need to train an employee or work with the Assistant Store Manager to create financial plans. Their days vary in what they need to accomplish, so time management is crucial. 

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