Property Manager Job Description: Top Duties and Qualifications

A Property Manager, sometimes referred to as an Estate Manager or Residential Manager, manages the operations of commercial and residential properties, such as apartment buildings, single-family homes, office buildings, and shopping centres. Their primary job duties include managing property finances, collecting payment from tenants, and ensuring properties are in good standing. 

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What does a Property Manager do?

A Property Manager is responsible for the upkeep of rental properties. Their job includes meeting with new tenants to collect all of their documentation and payments. A Property Manager is also responsible for paying property bills and fees, answering tenants’ questions, arranging property maintenance, and resolving any issues that might arise. They ensure living spaces are suitable for tenants and that commercial spaces allow for space and effective business. It’s their job to manage and oversee most things related to their rental properties. 

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Property Manager Job Description Examples:


Example 1

The FirstService Residential Property Manager provides management services to a diverse portfolio of buildings including Rental (Residential), Commercial & Commercial Strata, as well as individual units (condos and single-family homes) on behalf of investor clients. We are looking specifically, for someone who has a passion for managing a portfolio of rental buildings. Like all property management roles, success means building long-term relationships with our clients by maximizing the return on their property investment, balanced with harmonious relationships with tenants and others who interact with our properties. * Manage a varied portfolio of properties, delivering excellent property management services to the entire portfolio. * Regularly interact with client owners (in person, phone, electronic) to inform and educate them about their property, and with tenants to address their concerns. * Prepare and execute client agreements for property management. * Negotiate and/or approve rental and lease agreements, and ensure agreement obligations are fulfilled. * Prepare annual property budgets, authorize spending, and track budget variances. * Coordinate large renovation projects. * Hire, train and lead site staff, and liaise with site staff to prioritize repairs, general building maintenance and cleaning. * Ensure that work performed on the properties adheres to safety standards for tenants, site staff and contractors. * Handle occasional after hours emergencies. Experience: The ideal candidate will bring at least three years of experience as a leasing agent / property manager, strata manager and have experience in commercial management, managing different types and sizes of properties, and different client types and client situations. They will demonstrate a customer service mindset that encompasses superior written and oral communication skills. They will be highly efficient, organized and skilled at time management and have good knowledge of MS Office products. They will have a strong understanding of building systems and operations and have thorough knowledge of the Residential Tenancy Act of British Columbia and the Strata Property Act. The successful candidate will be adept at using property accounting systems [website] Yardi) and building management and owner/tenant portals, and keen to implement new technologies and tools. A current license for Rental Property Management and Strata Property Management issued by the Real Estate Council of British Columbia, a valid BC driver's license and access to a vehicle with business insurance are requirements of the role. About FirstService Residential: FirstService Residential BC leads the property management industry as the only full-service provider of strata and rental management alongside a comprehensive suite of property services. FirstService is a values driven organization where we believe in making a difference every day by enhancing property values, and contributing to the communities under our care. Learn more about our mission and values here: [website] FirstService Residential is proud to be an equal opportunity workplace. It is our policy to promote equal employment opportunity for all current and prospective associates. This applies to all matters, including the recruitment process, hiring decisions, compensation and benefits. We are committed to providing and maintaining a working environment that is based on respect and preserves the dignity and rights of everyone in the organization. If you have questions before or during the application process about our equal opportunity workplace, please reach out to our Recruitment team. IN[phone number]

Property Manager duties and responsibilities

The work of different Property Managers may vary, depending on client requirements. They manage staff and oversee the general operations of a property or facility. Other duties and responsibilities they may need to perform include:

  • Making sure property finances are up to date and in order
  • Preparing all lease-related paperwork in a timely and accurate manner
  • Analyzing problems with properties and finding the best solution for the tenant and property owner
  • Ensuring timely collection of rents and fees
  • Overseeing the installation, maintenance, and repair of equipment and machinery
  • Serving as a point of contact between the property owner and renters
  • Overseeing daily administration of the property
  • Troubleshooting and responding to after-hours issues regarding the facility

Property Manager skills and qualifications

Property Managers must possess the technical knowledge to deal with property or building issues. Other prerequisite skills and qualifications include:

  • Strong communication and excellent listening skills to deal with tenants, property owners, and any maintenance staff
  • Excellent attention to detail and strong organizational skills
  • Basic knowledge of finance and marketing
  • Customer service skills and ability to delegate tasks effectively
  • Strong work ethic and teamwork
  • Time-management abilities
  • Knowledge of office software, like spreadsheet and word processing programs
  • Problem-solving skills

Property Manager experience requirements

Qualified Property Managers should have prior experience with property management. Some suitable candidates may also have experience in property maintenance. They may start their careers as an Assistant Property Manager to gain the skills and knowledge they need to become a Property Manager. Candidates can also gain experience through relevant internships and other entry-level roles.

Property Manager education and training requirements

For most Property Manager jobs in Canada, ideal candidates will have a bachelor’s degree in property management, business administration, or another relevant field. Alternatively, candidates may be qualified to work as a Property Manager if they have the equivalent combination of technical training in maintenance and administration. When looking to hire a Property Manager who will also act as a Maintenance Manager, ideal candidates will have certifications in property maintenance or facilities management. They could also have technical training in building maintenance. In some provinces and territories, Property Managers must be licensed by their governing body, such as the Real Estate Council of Alberta (RECA).

Property Manager salary expectations

According to Indeed Salaries, the average salary for a Property Manager in Canada is $48,752 per year. This will vary depending on the location, experience, and hiring company.

Job description samples for similar positions

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Property Manager job description FAQs

What are the challenges in property management?

A major challenge Property Managers experience is filling vacancies in their rental properties. Property Managers also deal with the challenge of keeping maintenance costs down, responding to clients promptly, and managing staff effectively. This is why Property Management positions require a strong mix of interpersonal and administrative skills. If a company reduces operational costs, Property Managers should be able to develop a plan to keep operations efficient too. 

What qualities are required of a Property Manager?

Top Property Managers must have the ability to foresee situations that may affect their facility. They must be resourceful and have the ability to delegate tasks effectively. They must also be proactive and detail-oriented. It also helps if a candidate can demonstrate excellent people skills and the ability to handle stress. Being persistent can help this individual stay focused on finding tenants to rent or lease their properties. Persistence is also a useful trait for chasing late payments from tenants.

Who does a Property Manager report to?

A Property Manager can report to the Administration Manager or the Operations Manager. Depending on the organizational structure and the size of the company, Property Managers may be required to report directly to the CEO or owner of the company.

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